Economist Debates at the OCC / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

Economist Debates at the OCC

Economist Debates and the Onassis Cultural Centre are jointly organizing a series of open discussions, offering the opportunity to prominent intellectuals from Greece and abroad for a controversial and provocative dialogue.
Questions that concern us all are being assailed by keen and intelligent speakers, adapting the Oxford-style of debating.
Host and moderator is The Economist’s editor, who challenges and encourages  the audience to ask questions, comment and, of course, vote.
The result is one.
But the conclusions are many.

Proposal - Opposition
Argument - Counterargument
Two viewpoints - Two speakers

For more info about the Oxford-style of debating, click here.

19 Feb 2013

19:00 Main Stage
12 €
Concs 7 €


Is the Greek debt only a Greek issue?