Latin America: LOOP3

José Vidal

Transitions 2. Latin America

22 - 23 November 2014
Upper Stage
Nine dancers in two square metres! An elegy on coexistence which brings the distinguished Chilean choreographer José Vidal to Athens for the first time.
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The talented José Vidal, one of the Latin American choreographers whose work has earned them accolades in Europe, makes his Greek premiere with a singular performance of great visual beauty and power.

Nine bodies moving in a square with sides just two metres long; a choreographic phrase which lasts two minutes or so repeated in loops which start on a different point in the square each time and gradually rotate the group through 360 degrees. Which means the audience can see every aspect of the choreography, a nine-body flesh and blood construction inspired by Baroque paintings and contemporary photographs: battle scenes, athletes competing in team sports, scenes of worship and hatred flash by before us, calling to mind famous scenes from paintings like Géricault's Raft of the Medusa as well as filmic images and shap-shots from the television news.

The images give way one to the other like a living organism forever changing as it evolves. Vidal experiments with speed, slowing down and speeding up the action as the human mass grows more or less dense, sweats, and produces sounds which form part of the performance’s musical accompaniment.


Choreography: José Vidal
With: Gonzalo Beltrán, Jesús Briceño, Sebastián De La Cuesta, Loreto Leonvendagar, Ana José Manríquez, Gonzalo Morales, Javiera Peón-Veiga, Paula Sacur, Francisca Sazie
Assistant choreographer: Loreto Leonvendagar
Lighting design: Claudio Rojas
Original music: Álex Anwandter, Cristián Bidart
Costumes: Mauro Nuñez
Production: Catalina Avaria

22 Nov 2014


After performance talk with José Vidal

24 - 26 Nov 2014

36 €


Workshop with José Vidal

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