Kafka Fragments

17-18 APR 2015
Upper Stage
György Kurtág’s masterly work "Kafka-Fragments" (1985-87) for soprano and violin, based on extracts from Franz Kafka’s journals and letters.
18 €
Concs 10 € | Unemployed 5 €
György Kurtág’s Kafka-Fragments (1985-87) for soprano and violin is an hour in length, which makes it one of the composer’s longest works. It is comprised of 40 compositions of between a few seconds and seven minutes in duration.
Based on extracts from Franz Kafka’s journals and letters, the work is not a conventional song cycle, though it could be described as such. Rather, it is a quest in search of the whole in the fragment, the macrocosm in the microcosm, the infinite in the delimited and vice versa.
“Composition has its own rules. It’s what the composition, not the composer, wants that happens”, Kurtág explains. Which is why Kafka-Fragments, though written as a purely concert piece, has been performed so often on stage: it must have demanded a theatrical existence. At the OCC, this masterly work will be accompanied by a minimal stage performance based on Kafka’s style and writings.


György Kurtág
Kafka-Fragments for soprano and violin, op. 24, 1985-87

Myrsini Margariti: soprano
Antonis Sousamoglou: violin
Dimitris Dimopoulos: dramaturgy, translation
Fil Ieropoulos: video art
Constantin Pilavios: video mapping
Sergios Kotsovoulos: set design
Nikow Myrtou: technical suppport
Aggelina Kartsaki: video performer
We are Eternal Optimists: time manipulation code

Special thanks to: Within

17 Apr 2015


After performance talk about György Kurtág

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