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FFF | Roger Bernat: Domini Public

Fast Forward Festival 2

29 - 31 May 2015
Theatre without a theatre or actors. In the public space of a square, spectators become protagonists in a revelatory game whose upshot depends entirely on them.
A crowd of people standing in the middle of a square. They are observing, but also starring in, Domini Public (Public space), a work which elevates the viewer from a spectator to a performer, a player in a three-dimensional role-playing game which draws on Statistics for its rules while simultaneously resembling an anthropological, sociological, political and ontological experiment.

The participants are given earphones through which they are asked questions by a voice. The voice calls on the viewers to split into groups and sub-groups depending on choices they make, then assigns them the roles they will play—prisoners, guards and representatives of the Red Cross—in a reconstruction which is as revelatory as it is interactive.

The ‘audience’ remain mute throughout: their wordless gestures and choices, their actions and reactions, the route they trace through space are quite expressive enough. The multiple award-winning Roger Bernat has been staging this unique spectacle in open public spaces from Barcelona to Rio de Janeiro and London to Tokyo since 2008. Are you feeling up to a bit of silent, public confession?


By Roger Bernat
Collaborating students: Adriana Bertran, Aleix Fauró, Anna Roca, Sònia Espinosa, Tonina Ferrer, María Salguero
Music: W.A. Mozart, A.P. Borodin, G. Mahler, A. Dvorak, B. Smetana, J. Sibelius, J. Williams, E. Grieg, Lole y Manuel
Choice of music and performances, sound processing: Juan Cristóbal Saavedra Vial
Costumes: Bàrbara Glaenzel, Dominique Bernat
Photographs and technical management: Txalo Toloza
Digital media technician: Aleksei Hescht
Graphics: Marie-Klara González
Coordination: Helena Febrés Fraylich

Curated by: Katia Arfara

Thanks to Víctor Molina and Mia Esteve
With the support of the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport

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In Greek or English

31 May 2015

19:00 Upper Stage
Free admission


A debate in the context of "Domini Public" Democracy yesterday, today, tomorrow: Crisis and prospects

30 May 2015


Talk with Roger Bernat

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