Youth Theatre Festival 2015 / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

Youth Theatre Festival 2015

“On the edge: isolation or perspective”

23 - 26 April 2015
Upper Stage
Greece’s teenagers write, act, reveal and create! Will we listen to them?
The 5th Teenage Theatre Festival, an event staged jointly by the OCC and the Grasshopper-Youth company, a pioneer in teenage theatre, continues to develop the idea of a theatre for and by teenagers and young people of all ages. This year, the Festival spreads its wings still further to embrace young people from the whole of Greece: over 150 teenagers from around the country will be involved this year, writing, acting, questioning, dreaming and creating!

The Festival brings together high school students and municipal theatre groups with experienced actors, directors and playwrights. Six months of collective creativity, enthusiasm, inspiration and hard work lead into an impressive theatrical marathon in which the fruit of their labours are staged over four days at the OCC.

“On the edge: isolation or perspective” is the title of this year’s Festival, which focuses on the liminal experience, an especially sensitive position and condition both for young people on the threshold of their adult lives and for Greece as a country redefining its position in Europe. What is it like to feel or be on the edge, far from the centre? What do you do or not do by way of resistance? Do you move closer to the point where decisions are taken? Do you stand up and be counted, become the change you want to see? Sensitive seismographers of our times, Greece’s teenagers show us the way, revealing aspects of a reality we simply cannot see.


Organization & artistic oversight: Grasshopper Youth - Sophia Vgenopoulou, Vaggelis Kyriakou, Katerina Skourli
Head of the Educational programme: Myrto Lavda
Translation into Greek of David Greig’s play The Monster in the Hall: Vassilis Douvitsas

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