2nd Short Films Competition / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

2nd Short Films Competition

Audiovisual works inspired by creativity in the sphere of Greek music

06 - 08 ΜΑΡ 2015
Main Stage
What might happen when films turn to be inspired by music?
It was back in September 2013 that the Greek Plan, intent on promoting original work and interaction between two different art-forms--music and film--tentatively announced its first short-film competition. Its theme: “GREEK SONG: MUSIC BY GREEK COMPOSERS—audio-visual works inspired by Greek music”.
The upshot was the screening of 11 new short films selected from an impressive number of entries.
This year, we have decided to divide the competition into three categories: a) documentaries, b) fiction films, and c) video clips etc.
The theme is specific, but we hope general enough, too, to stimulate Greek film makers to create works inspired by Greek song and Greek musical creativity in general. This experiential relationship can take many forms and provides fertile ground for wide-ranging filmic interpretations of the set subject matter. 

Click here to see the results of the competition (available only in Greek).


Artistic oversight – Production: THE HELLENIC PLAN
Organizing committee: Dimitris Papadimitriou, Giorgos Kordellas, Kostas Thasoulas, Rallou Vogiatzi, Tasos Rosopoulos
Concept: Rallou Vogiatzi

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