I am a Friend | Onassis Stegi / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

I am a Friend

I just completed my registration as an Onassis Stegi Friend.
What do I do next?

Step 1:
I log in to my electronic profile where I can do everything by myself and automatically.
I log in here by entering my username and password

Did I complete my registration by phone or at the box office?
There is a letter in the Friendship box where I can find my first username and password for the first login. After I log in for the first time, I change the username and password so that I am the only one that knows them.

Did I complete my registration online?
I have already entered my own username and password and I don’t need to change them.

When log in to my electronic profile I can:
  • Find the 4 open tickets I have pre-purchased with my registration, ready for use
  • Unlock the presales which start earlier for Friends
  • Buy tickets at better prices only available for Friends and see/edit my shopping cart
  • See how many point I have available and use them whenever I want to in order to buy Zone B tickets (100 points = 1 ticket)
  • See how many open tickets I have available and redeem them whenever I want to (Account Overview)
  • Edit my profile when I need to add new details or change existing ones
  • See the history of my purchases and my points
I can learn more about the benefits of Friends here

Friends Newsletter
The email I submitted with my registration enters automatically the newsletter mailing list of the Onassis Stegi Friends.
With the Friends newsletters I stay informed about all the events taking place at the Onassis Stegi, which are not only interesting for me but come at good prices as well!
If I have not submitted an email with my registration, I should do it immediately!

Registration renewal
I will never need to do that. I only register once in the beginning, without having to pay a registration fee nor annual subscription. My relationship with the Onassis Stegi has begun and it never ends (unless I wish otherwise).

The Circle of Friends
With my registration as an Onassis Stegi Friend, I automatically belong to the “Circle of Friends”, the team of the loyal spectators and patrons of the OCC which has access to more opportunities for participation. The Onassis Stegi Friends express their opinions, suggest new activities, decide for their future. The first Friends Assembly of the Circle of Friends took place at the Main Stage in June 2014 and its outcomes have already come into effect. Lifelong learning activities such as the Feedback Sessions have been organized exclusively for Friends since December 2014.

More information about the Circle of Friends: +30 213 017 8200