FFF | Toneelhuis / FC Bergman: 300 el x 50 el x 30 el / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

FFF | Toneelhuis / FC Bergman: 300 el x 50 el x 30 el

Fast Forward Festival 2

Fast Forward Festival 2

29 - 30 May 2015
Main Stage
In a clearing in the heart of a wild forest, a little community lives in the shadow of the coming flood.
There’s a hamlet on stage. Behind it, we see the forest. The sharp smell of damp earth and fallen leaves pierces our nostrils. In the foreground, someone is fishing in a murky pond. The atmosphere is uneasy. Suddenly, a cameraman sneaks in among the six wooden huts—from now on, he will project every paranoiac happening in the hamlet onto giant screens. The little community eats, drinks and makes merry, flirts, masturbates and teeters close to the brink of psychosis: the hamlet is a hyperreal world in miniature which no one can leave.

We will never hear the villagers speak, but we will see them living in the shadow cast by a disaster to come.This 55-minute silent ritual of theatrical and filmic tableaux-vivants speaks in a darkly allegorical way about the painful beauty of failure, the defeat of rationality and the unrelenting allure of instinct. An eminently ambitious and much-discussed work, it is the creation of the curiously named FC Bergman (the FC standing for Football Club), a rapidly up-and-coming young theatre group whose on-stage allegories recycle elements from Seventies cult horror films, but also Walt Disney animations and the cinematic universes of Ingmar Bergman, Roy Andersson, David Lynch and Lars von Trier, as well as happenings, the visual arts and video clips!

We should note that the production’s title is a reference to the dimensions listed in the Bible for Noah’s ark: 300 cubits long by 50 cubits wide by 30 cubits deep.


Production: FC Bergman
By and with: Stef Aerts, Joé Agemans, Bart Hollanders, Matteo Simoni, Thomas Verstraeten, Marie Vinck
Guest actors: Wim Verachtert, Paul Kuijer, Gert Portael, Herwig Ilegems, Shana Van Loveren, Storm Haazen, Julia Akkermans, Bien De Moor, Marijke Pinoy, Gert Winckelmans, Ramona Verkerk, Arne Focketeyn, Greg Timmermans, Eddie Vereycken, Matthieu Sys, E.A.
Camera: Thomas Verstraeten, with thanks to Diego Dezuttere
Set: FC Bergman
Costumes: Judith Van Herck
Technicians: Ken Hioco, Niels Antonissen, Kobi Gruyaert, Diederik Hoppenbrouwers, Roel Snellebrand, Philippe Dewit
Production Manager: Celine van der Poel
Executive Producer Toneelhuis
With thanks to: wp Zimmer , Lieven Slabbinck, Eric Biebauw, Slagerij Vandewalle,Hugo Michiels, Horta Vandecaveye

29 May 2015


After performance talk with FC Bergman Company

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