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Latin America: Estrellas

Federico León

Transitions 2. Latin America

24 November 201419:0024 November 201421:00
Upper Stage
How can a shanty town acquire a touch of Hollywood glamour? An award-winning documentary from the up-and-coming Argentinean dramatist, director and film-maker who is making a splash on the international scene.
Lecture 19:00
Screening 21:00

Free admission
Argentina – Buenos Aires

Federico León (b. 1975), one of South America’s most significant artists, has created a harsh, caustic, anthropocentric theatre whose narrative horizon is co-formed out of fiction and reality. In this, his first visit to Greece, he will participate in the Transitions festival with a talk about his work, an experimental theatre workshop and the film Estrellas (Stars, 2007).

The film is a fiction-documentary in which the residents of a Buenos Aires slum realize they can earn a living in the industry of the spectacle simply by playing themselves. Filmed entirely in the dirt-poor Villa Miseria 21, Estrellas chronicles the shanty town’s transformation into a film set. And as the ‘garbage folk’ metamorphose into film stars, León seems to be inviting us to ponder this: Is putting poverty in the limelight the new ‘exotic fruit’ of contemporary sentimental capitalism? In other words, might poverty have a market price as an ‘artistic product’? If so, can poverty benefit from its marketability? Because, if it can, a shanty town could suddenly acquire a touch of… Hollywood glamour!


Direction and Script: Federico León & Marcos Martínez
Production: Jimena Monteoliva & Federico León
Executive Production: Jimena Monteoliva
Photography: Guillermo Nieto, Julián Apezteguia
Montage: Catalina Rincón
Art Direction: Florencia Fernández Feijóo
Music: Nicolás Varchausky / Guillermo Guareschi
Sound: Jésica Suárez
With: Julio Arrieta, Esther Arrieta, Sebastian Antinco

Duration: 64 minutes

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Lecture: Simultaneous translation is provided
Screening: In Spanish with English subtitles

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19 - 23 Nov 2014

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Workshop with Federico León

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