Latin America: The Garden / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

Latin America: The Garden

Leonardo Moreira / Companhia Hiato

Transitions 2. Latin America

23 - 24 November 2014
Main Stage
A rising star on the international theatre scene, the youthful company from Sao Paolo relates the story of a bourgeois family since the Thirties, transporting us through time into the garden of times past.
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Brazil - Sao Paolo

In The Garden, the third production by the young Hiato company, which already has multiple awards to its credit, Alzheimer's and collective forgetting, the story of a country and the tale of a family, truth and its relativity, reality and fiction, the actor and their role, bleed into, conceal and reveal one other in equal parts.

Three eras, three stories and a family coexist on a stage carpeted with grass and enclosed by cardboard boxes. As they open these boxes, pile them up or wrestle with them, the protagonists whirl endlessly in time and memory.

1938: Thiago and Fernanda divorce and divide between them the keep-sakes of a life shared.
1979: Thiago, now suffering from Alzheimer's, celebrates his birthday with his daughters shortly before he is moved into an old people's home.
2011: Thiago's granddaughter and a maid put the abandoned family home in order.

The young and rapidly up-and-coming director and playwright Leonardo Moreira (b. 1983) brings a heart-breaking lyricism and resolute humanity to the Garden, his idiosyncratic tribute to Chekhov's The Cherry Orchard.


The Garden (O Jardim)

Stageplay & Direction: Leonardo Moreira
With: Aline Filócomo, Edison Simão, Fernanda Stefanski, Luciana Paes, Mariah Amélia Farah, Paula Picarelli, Thiago Amaral
Production & Company Management: Aura Cunha
Set & Lighting Design: Marisa Bentivegna
Assistant Set Designer: Ayélen Gastaldi
Original Music: Marcelo Pellegrini
Costumes: Theodoro Cochrane
Stage Assistant: Amanda Lyra
Backstage assistant: Cezar Renzi
Production assistant: Yumi Ogino
Stills: Otávio Dantas / Ligia Jardim
Video: Ricardo Sêco
Translation: Giannis Papadakis

23 Nov 2014


After performance talk with Leonardo Moreira and Hiato Company

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