Latin America: Pindorama / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

Latin America: Pindorama

Lia Rodrigues Companhia de Danças

Transitions 2. Latin America

29 - 30 November 2014
Main Stage
75 minutes
From Rio’s favelas to the OCC: Lia Rodrigues’ dance company guides us through the landscape of human interdependence in this stirring performance/installation.
10 €
Concs 5 € | Unemployed 5 €
Brasil - Rio de Janeiro

One of the most important artists currently working in contemporary dance, Lia Rodrigues is known for her politically-aware creations and for her activities in the favelas of Brazil. Her most recent production takes us back to Brazil 'before', when this vast country was called Pindorama in the language of the indigenous Tupi, before the arrival of the conquistadors. She transports us back to the 'before' of the theatre, too, to a time when the theatrical act was still bound up with ritual, to a place where a huge length of see-through vinyl can become a river, or, when the dancers pull maniacally at its two ends, an uncrossable ocean that swallows up men—the naked bodies of weak human creatures struggling against the forces of nature, searching for a way to coexist, to function collectively and so survive.

Pindorama is an ephemeral visual and theatrical landscape which engulfs the audience and everything that takes place before their eyes. It is a metaphor for the collective struggles of our era, an honest look at difference, and a masterly poetic work which introduces us to one of the most important choreographic voices at work today.


Created by Lia Rodrigues
Created in collaboration with: Amalia Lima, Leonardo Nunes, Gabriele Nascimento, Francisco Thiago Cavalcanti, Clara Castro, Clara Cavalcante, Felipe Vian, Dora Selva, Glaciel Farias, Luana Bezerra, Thiago de Souza and with the creative input of  Gabriela Cordovez
Dramaturgy: Silvia Soter
Artistic associate: Guillaume Bernardi
Lighting design: Nicolas Boudier
Stage manager: Magali Foubert
Stills: Sammi Landweer
Assistant choreographer: Amalia Lima
International cast: Thérèse Barbanel, Les Artscéniques
Production coordination: Colette de Turville

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Throughout the whole performance the audience will be standing on stage, as there are no seats. The duration of the performance is 75 minutes.

29 Nov 2014


After performance talk with Lia Rodrigues

30 Nov 2014

13:00 Dance Room
12 €


Workshop with Lia Rodrigues

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