Sharpshooters: Paul Auster / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

Sharpshooters: Paul Auster

In conversation with Elias Maglinis

5 November 2014
Main Stage
The author of the celebrated New York Trilogy at the OCC.
Free admission
Acknowledged as one of the most important contemporary authors in the United States and indeed the world, Paul Auster has spun a legend around his name and his person through a series of astounding novels which include the celebrated New York Trilogy. A charismatic narrator and gifted storyteller, Auster can create multidimensional worlds like few others. These are mundane, down-to-earth worlds with an intensely New York—indeed, specifically Brooklyn--feel: American worlds, in other words, but universal at the same time, global, instantly recognizable, and above all unexpected and mysterious. Worlds full of bizarre coincidences and twists of fate, of characters whose fluid identities are hard to pin down; worlds in which human relationships are put to the test of time, and in which those big existential questions get posed over and over for an eternity, sometimes through absurdism and sometimes with great tenderness.
At the Onassis Cultural Centre to present the unseen world of his books and his life to a Greek audience, Paul Auster will also be addressing the burning social and political issues which afflict his homeland and the world today.

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