4th Greek Jazz Panorama: Petros Klampanis & Contextual / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

4th Greek Jazz Panorama: Petros Klampanis & Contextual


4th Greek Jazz Panorama

14 December 2014
Main Stage
Fusion of jazz, classical and world music -that is the essence of Petros Klampanis'''' work!
15 – 18 – 28 €
Concs 10 – 12 – 15 €
Unemployed 5 €
Petros Klampanis uses two catchy, Greek-flavoured tunes--the 'Thalassaki' and the 'Hariklaki'--to communicate directly with both a Greek audience, which is always flattered when a Western jazzman references the popular and traditional music of their homeland, and with an international public, which has a liking for attractive and exhilarating exotic, eastern sounds!
However, Klampanis’ investment in Greek music is more than surface deep, and there is a clear desire on the part of this genuinely imaginative and creative musician to fully master a musical code which can generate musical idioms from a different culture and tradition. Of course, in the case of the composer and double bassist, this is also a declaration of identity and of roots; it would seem that this is what Petros Klampanis really wants, and he has produced some truly marvellous work to date, both alone and in collaboration with the musicians who join forces under the Contextual label.

Klampanis is a master of his demanding instrument, the double bass, and plays in an idiosyncratic, dense style which encapsulates his musical journey from Zakynthos and the Eastern Mediterranean to New York, his chosen base for many years and his new point of departure.

Performing at the OCC with three truly exceptional musicians who have carved out enviable careers for themselves on the international jazz scene--the French pianist Jean-Michel Pilc, the Israeli guitarist Gilad Hekselman and the American percussionist, John Hadfield--Klampanis and his quartet will be performing their latest work, Minor Dispute. Contextual will be joined on stage by a string quartet—a combination that promises that scintillating fusion of jazz, classical and world music that is the essence of Petros Klampanis' work!


Petros Klampanis: double bass, compositions, orchestrations
Jean-Michel Pilc: piano
Gilad Hekselman: guitar
John Hadfield: percussion
Maria Manousaki: violin
Kelly Kokolani: viola
Laertis Kokolanis: violin
Alexandros Mpotinis: cello

4th Greek Jazz Panorama
Artistic oversight: Dimitris Trikas

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