ARTéfacts ensemble


12 November 2014
Main Stage
A wonderful opportunity to get a new perspective on contemporary music.
15 – 18 – 28 €
Concs 10 – 12 – 15 €
Unemployed 5 €
This concert-performance is a tribute to the Italian composer Fausto Romitelli (1963-2004), a visionary composer whose fame has grown exponentially since his early death a decade ago.

Anything but academic, he is perhaps the only composer to date who has successfully married the sounds of psychedelic rock and trance with contemporary ‘art’ music. A virtuoso orchestrator whose work has an intensely electronic feel, Romitelli wrote astonishing music with a unique inner dynamism: his sound is never neutral, pure or ‘innocent’.

Given that the composer himself included a visual element in his work through his collaboration with the video artist, Paolo Pachini, his compositions provide the ARTéfacts ensemble with ideal material for a concert which is sure to send the ensemble’s familiar multidimensional style into the stratosphere.

So, to quote from one of the three pieces in the concert programme, it’s time to run amok!


Amok Koma (for ensemble)
Trash TV Trance (electric guitar solo)
An Index of Metals (video – opera)
Zoi Zeniodi: conductor
Myrsini Margariti: vocals
Louizos Aslanidis: video, directorial oversight
Valentina Tamiolaki: lighting
Laertes Kokolanis: violin
Marios Dapergolas: viola
Spyros Tzekos: clarinet
Thodoris Vazakas: percussion
Ai Motohashi-Sideri: piano
Alexandros Botinis: cello
Alexandros Drymonitis: electric guitar
Guido De Flaviis: electronics
Vaggelis Stathoulopoulos: flute
Kostas Tzekos: clarinet
Kostas Giovanis: oboe
Dimitris Gogas: trumpet
Andreas-Rolandos Theodorou: trombone
Stefanos Nasos: clavier midi
Manos Anagnostopoulos: electric bass

12 Nov 2014

Main Stage


After concert talk with ARTéfacts ensemble

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