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Latin America: The Intellectual Author

Jorge Hugo Marín / La Maldita Vanidad

Transitions 2. Latin America

26 - 27 November 2014
Upper Stage
Black humour and emotiveness in a performance where the audience watches like voyeurs the private space of a petit bourgeois home.
10 €
Concs 5 € | Unemployed 5 €

Someone opens the curtains. Through the window, we can make out the interior of a petit bourgeois home. The old furniture with the lace doilies, the cheerless curtains, the black and white photographs--everything points to an elderly owner. Peering into this private space like voyeurs, we will see a meeting unfold within.

Three siblings, Nora, Jorge and Sergio, the last two accompanied by their wives, have come to their mother's home to decide who will care for her from now on. The two wives' refusal to shoulder the responsibility creates tension and, gradually, the dark side of this dysfunctional family is revealed in all its glory.

The recognizable characters, familiar events and dialogue taken from life are all dipped in the black humour and emotiveness the author and dramatist, Jorge Hugo Marín, reserved for this, the first work in the Family Matters trilogy (Sobre algunos asuntos de familia, 2009-11) which put the company La Maldita Vanidad in the international spotlight.


Stageplay & Direction: Jorge Hugo Marín
Assistant Director & Producer: María Adelaida Palacio
Production: Wilson L. García D
With: Ella Becerra, María Soledad Rodríguez, Angélica Prieto, Juan Manuel Lenis, Andrés Estrada

Translation: Panagiotis Evangelidis

29 Nov 2014


After performance talk with La Maldita Vanidad Company