Latin America: Everything by my Side / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

Latin America: Everything by my Side

Fernando Rubio

Transitions 2. Latin America

18 - 23 November 2014
Seven beds. Seven actors. Seven members of the audience. And Athens city centre in place of the OCC stage. The much-discussed performance and urban intervention comes to Athens after two years touring the world.
5 €
Concs 3 €
Argentina - Buenos Aires

A private moment interjecting into an unexpected public space in the centre of Athens. The meeting of two strangers -a viewer and an actor- takes place in the holiest of private holies, in that personal place of rest, that chamber of dreams and of love, our symbolic nest in the world: our bed.

In Everything by my side, actors and members of the audience lie down together for ten minutes, side by side, in beds Fernando Rubio has placed in the heart of the city. The listeners remain silent as the actors unburden themselves of their stories. Set against a backdrop which can vary from natural tranquility to downtown bustle, the experience is strangely moving, powerful and singular. Because Fernando Rubio's well-travelled beds have stood on Chilean coastlines, in Montevideo's central station, even in a Dutch lake.

The Argentinean director and visual artist always collaborates with local actors who live in the country where the work is being shown—which is why members of the OCC audience will be lying beside celebrated female leads from the Greek theatre.


Everything by my Side (Todo lo que está a mi lado)

Stageplay & Direction: Fernando Rubio
Actors: Kika Georgiou, Dimitra Kouza, Anna Mascha, Elena Megreli, Ageliki Papathemeli, Maria Parasyri, Evi Saoulidou
Director's assistant: Liana Taousiani
Production: Martín Grosman
Translation: Panagiotis Evangelidis

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Two more performance of Fernando Rubio's "Everything by my side" will be held on Sunday 23 November at 18:45 and 21:45.

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21 Nov 2014



After performance talk with Fernando Rubio

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