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The Lumen Prize Exhibition

31 Οctober - 30 November 2014
Mon - Fri 17:00-22:00
Weekend 12:00–21:00
Exhibition Hall
The impressive digital art exhibition makes a stop in Athens this year.
Free admission
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The Lumen Prize is the world’s top digital art award. Established in 2011, it is awarded each year to art-works made usually digital media; its aim: to spotlight this constantly evolving art-form.

After the competition, the strongest entries tour the world with the Lumen Prize exhibition. This year, this impressive show makes a stop in Athens, where 50 of the best works of 2013 will be exhibited at the OCC. The 25 most distinguished works of 2014 will also be on display for the first time outside Cardiff (the headquarters of the award).

The works will include Apodemy by the Greek artist Katerina Athanasopoulou, which took first prize in last year’s competition. The work, a three-dimensional digital allegory for Athens, was shown for the first time at the Visual Dialogues in 2012, for which it was commissioned by the OCC.

The show has been prefaced by a one-day conference focusing on "Digital Art: An Ever-Changing Art Form". The leading digital artists and art theorists attending the event tackled a number of issues relating to digital art.

As a preview of the Lumen Prize Exhibition, the interactive work Murmur, which won the Lumen Prize Silver Award for 2014, is on view until 10 November on the OCC’s 4th floor foyer.


Exhibition contributors
Organization: Onassis Cultural Centre - Athens
Curated by Marilena V. Karra
Assistant: Konstantina Soulioti
Architectural supervision: George Parmenidis, Christine Longuépée
Technical planning and supervision: TENSOR S.A. (G. S. Papadimitriou & M. Pantelidaki)
Audiovisual technical support: Makis Faros, Antonis Gatzougiannis
In collaboration with The Lumen Prize Exhibition, Cardiff


22 Oct 2014

15:00 Upper Stage
Free admission


Conference in the context of Lumen Prize Exhibition Digital Art: An Ever-Changing Art Form

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