InMute '14

24 - 26 October 2014
Upper Stage
Taking silent cinema and contemporary music as its starting points, the 3-day InMute festival sets out to explore and suggest new points of contact between sound and the moving image.
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Two-day ticket: 28 € *
Three-day ticket: 40 € *

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Taking silent cinema and contemporary music as its starting points, the 3-day InMute festival sets out to explore and suggest new points of contact between sound and the moving image. Narrativity, abstraction, new and archive material come together to be re-interpreted and re-composed in a programme which includes short and feature-length films from the 1920s, American postwar avant-garde selections, and 21st-century silent cinema. The festival, now in its second year, focuses on experimentation and the unexpected, providing a platform where sound and image come to complement, contradict and counter each other in the dynamic, real-time context of a live performance.

This year's programme starts with a series of short experimental films by Stan Brakhage, Man Ray, Harry Evert Smith, Wallace Berman and Hans Richter accompanied by the electronic and acoustic sounds of Mike Cooper, Yiorgis Sakellariou, Balinese Beast and Giorgos Katsanos. On Day Two, Canadian director Guy Maddin's contemporary silent film, Cowards bend the knee, accompanied by the sounds of the British turntablist Philip Jeck, and the video score by Vicki Bennett, Notations, in a one-off performance by the Greek duo Acte Vide, reveal the contemporary nature of the silent moving image. The Festival's third day includes two films which were censored in the pre-war era, while Voltnoi & Quetempo present an audio-visual performance based on Social Decay (Koinoniki Sapila), which Stelios Tatasopoulos directed in 1932, the Festival will close with Carl Teodor Dreyer's emblematic The Passion of Joan of Arc, for which the Danish artist Jacob Kirkegaard composed new music especially for InMute '14.


The festival is curated by Michalis Moschoutis


Friday 24 October

Rhythmus 21 (Hans Richter, 1921)
Rhythmus 23 (Hans Richter, 1923)
Duration: 8'
Live score: Giorgos Katsanos (analog synth, amplified objects)

Dog Star Man: Part I (Stan Brakhage, 1962)
Duration: 30'
Live score: Yiorgis Sakellariou (laptop, tapes)

Emak-Bakia (Man Ray, 1927)
Duration: 18'
Live score: Balinese Beast (Giorgos Axiotis: electronics, Ilan Manouach: saxophone, electronics)

Aleph (Wallace Berman 1958-1976)
Duration: 7'

Early Abstractions Nos. 1-4, 7 & 10 (Harry Smith, 1946-57)
Preserved by Anthology Film Archives, New York
Duration: 22'
Live score: Mike Cooper (steel guitar)

Saturday 25 October

Notations (Vicki Bennett, 2013)
Duration: 30'
Live performance: Acte Vide (Danae Stefanou: piano, Giannis Kotsonis: electronics)

Cowards Bend the Knee (Guy Maddin, 2003)
Duration: 60'
Live score: Philip Jeck (turntables, electronics)

Sunday 26 October

Social Decay (audio-visual performance based on Stelios Tatasopoulos's 1932 film)
Duration: 25'
Live music & video: Voltnoi & Quetempo

The Passion of Joan of Arc (Carl Theodor Dreyer, 1928)
Duration: 82'
Live score: Jacob Kirkegaard (laptop)

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Abstracts of Stelios Tatasopoulos's film Social Decay (Koinoniki Sapila) are provided courtesy of the Greek Film Archive / Film Museum.
We thank Stelios Tatasopoulos's family for the permission to present the film.


25 Oct 2014

19:30 Upper Stage
Free admission


Performance by People Like Us: "Consequences (One Thing Leads To Another)"

26 Oct 2014

18:00 Rehearsal Room -3
Free Admission


Speech / presentation with Jacob Kirkegaard

25 Oct 2014

17:00 Rehearsal Room -3


Speech / presentation with Mike Cooper