The Arrival

Zoe Chatziantoniou

Monday 12 until Friday 16 January and Tuesday 20 until 22 January 2015
Arriving in a ‘new place’: a new school, a new job, a new person, a new homeland...How many arrivals do we experience every day?How do we feel when faced with something different, something unfamiliar?
5 € per student
Based on the wordless graphic novel of the same name by the award-winning author, Shaun Tan, Arrival is a visual and auditory narrative which conveys the experience of the ‘stranger in the strange land’ in a highly inventive way. An original OCC production which brings adults and children face to face with all the changes life can bring, with all the ‘arrivals’ big and small we have to adapt to on a daily basis.

Arrival is a fairytale about immigration in an imaginary time and place. A father is forced to leave his family and his homeland. With just a suitcase and very little money, he crosses vast oceans to reach an unfamiliar world with bizarre creatures and things. Hampered by language most of all, he seeks shelter, food and work in order to build a new life from scratch for himself and his family.

The production unfolds without words, just like Tan’s wordless novella, telling the hero’s tale with physical theatre techniques, choreography, music, strange sounds and video. Observing the immigrant’s life like this, as a series of moving and still images, is like flicking through a family album.

At the same time, the soundscapes and musics produced live on stage complete the immigrant’s journey to this fantastic land. The sounds convey his struggle to adapt to a world in which the language and music, the domestic and urban environments, are all entirely alien…

But assimilation is soon in coming and the difficult experience of Arrival is over for the immigrant… Which is what happens with every one of life’s arrivals: the unfamiliar becomes familiar and the uncertain a new beginning, full of optimism and hope!

The production will be followed by a discussion with the members of the theatre company.


Direction, Choreography & Dramaturgy: Zoe Hatziantoniou
Music & Sound Dramaturgy and Live Music & Sound Production: Dimitris Kamarotos
Stage set & Costume design: Kenny MacLellan
Director of Photography& Lighting design: Giannis Drakoularakos
Video design & processing: Vasilis Kountouris
With: Alexandra Aidini, Kostas Koronaios, Giorgos Symeonidis, Michalis Sarantis, Antigone Fryda
Production: Onassis Cultural Centre - Athens

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Aimed at:
Primary school children (Years IV, V & VI)

Tel: 213 017 8002