Workshop on documentary theatre with Lola Arias / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

Workshop on documentary theatre with Lola Arias

Real fictions in Athens

Latin America: Mi vida despues

Wednesday 12 until Sunday 16 November 2014
What kind of reality I’m looking for on stage? Can someone perform his own life on stage?
60 €
How can we represent History with stories of normal people? How to create a performance that deals with the unexpected, the accident, the unpredictable?

The economic crisis in Greece has driven the political system into crisis. The European Union and the IMF have imposed austerity measures. Right-wing movements have reacted with nationalism, xenophobia and violence, and gained a place as a political force in the parliament. The left has sought a critical position of the neoliberal, belt-tightening model but cannot find one. Between 2008 and 2012, Greece has taken to the street in protest, indignant, mutinous, furious.

The workshop's real fictions takes this representative crisis as a starting point for creating artistic projects to show stories, political ideas and discourses going through the minds of those living in Greece today with the tools of documentary theatre. The purpose is to explore the possibilities of working with on all kind of archives, interviews, family documents, story telling.

Lola Arias (b. 1976, Buenos Aires) is a writer, director, performer and songwriter. She collaborates with artists from different disciplines in theatre, literature, music and art projects. Her productions play with the overlap zones between reality and fiction. She works with actors, non-actors, musicians, dancers, children, babies, and animals.

Centre stage in Striptease (2007) is occupied by a baby, while its parents fight out a duel by telephone. In El amor es un francotirador (2007), the performers relate true and fictional love stories while a rock band plays live. In Mi vida después (2009), six actors reconstruct their parents’ youth in 1970’s Argentina by means of photos, letters, cassettes and old clothes.

She staged in Germany Familienbande (2009) at Kammerspiele, Munich, and That Enemy Within (2010) at HAU, Berlin. In Chile, she staged The year I was born (2011), based on biographies of people born during Pinochet’s dictatorship. Her last piece Melancolía y Manifestaciones ( 2012) opened in Vienner Festwochen.
Together with Ulises Conti, she composes and plays music, and released the albums El amor es un francotirador (2007) and Los que no duermen (2011).
Her projects with Stefan Kaegi are Chácara Paraíso (2007) involving Brazilian police officers, and Airport Kids (2008) featuring global nomads aged between 7 and 13 years old. In 2010-12, they curated a Festival of urban interventions Ciudades Paralelas in Berlin, Buenos Aires, Warsaw, Zurich, Singapore and other cities.

She published Las impúdicas en el paraíso (2000), La escuálida familia (2001), Mi nombre cuando yo ya no exista (2005), Poses para dormir (2005), Striptease/Sueño con revólver/ El amor es un francotirador (2007), Mein Leben danach (2010), Liebe ist ein Heckenshütze (2010) and Los posnucleares (2011).
Her texts have been translated into more than seven languages, Lola Arias’ works for theatre have been performed at festivals including Steirischer Herbst, Graz; Festival d’Avignon; Theater Spektakel, Zurich; We are here, Dublin; Spielart Festival, Munich; Alkantara Festival, Lisbon; Radicals Festival, Barcelona.

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Aimed at:
Writers, directors, performers or artist in general
To attend the workshop, please present your CV, and an idea you would like to develop during the workshop in English at until 31 October 2014.You will be informed regarding your participation in the workshop by 3 November 2014.

T: 213 017 8002