After performance talk with Mariano Pensotti / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

After performance talk with Mariano Pensotti

Latin America: El pasado es un animal grotesco

26 November 2014
Intense and revelatory, moving and scathing, wildly funny but bitter--an angry portrait of the generation that lived through the crisis in Argentina.
Argentina, 1999. Four young people stand united before the end of all utopias. The course of their lives will now be determined by their country’s economic and institutional bankruptcy. On a revolving stage spinning through time and space like a carousel, the protagonists of the distinguished dramatist-director Mariano Pensotti see how they reconstruct their identity every time they talk about themselves: their existence is built upon its narration, and the past is like a grotesque animal that changes shaped every time someone looks back at it.


Chaired by Sophia Eftichiadou, theatre specialist

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