Workshop with Handspring Puppet Company / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

Workshop with Handspring Puppet Company

William Kentridge & Handspring Puppet Company

20 December 2014
Everything around you is alive! From the shoes on your feet to the pillows on your bed.
Puppetry is the fine art of giving your life to something that seemingly has none. Learn the basic principles of this special kind of magic with Handspring puppeteers Gabriel Marchand and Mandiseli Maseti. You'll come to understand not only how to animate the world around you but also how to understand life on stage in a different way.

In this session you will learn:
•    How to build the simplest puppet in the world!
•    How to breath life into an object
•    Put the rhythms of life into your creations
•    Break down and understand the fundamentals of movement
in the physical world
•    How to give thought, intention and feeling into something you have created
•    How to make an object compelling in a way that an actor never can be

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Aimed at:
Puppeteers-puppet makers and professionals from different artistic fields, visual artists, actors, dancers.

T: 213 017 8002