Discussion with choreographers Georgia Vardarou and Artemis Lampiri / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE
14 February 2015
Upper Stage
Georgia Vardarou: Phenomena
Following on in the wake of her much-discussed solo, Hardcore Research on Dance, Georgia Vardarou returns with Phenomena, an award-winning production that has left its mark on the European festival circuit. A dancer and choreographer whose achievements belie her youth, Vardarou was recently honoured with an invitation to work alongside Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and her Rosas company.

Artemis Lampiri: Me on Top

Artemis Lampiri, who made her name at Kinitiras 2012, where she won an award, and through her appearances at various Greek dance festivals, proves herself willing to tackle complex issues once again. After Apathy, Between and After, what will we make of Me on top?


Chaired by Christiana Galanopoulou, art historian, artistic director of MIRfestival.

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