After performance talk with Akram Khan and Israel Galván / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

After performance talk with Akram Khan and Israel Galván

Akram Khan & Israel Galván

11 March 2015
Two firebrands together on stage in a breathtaking mix of Kathak and Flamenco--an explosion of dance and music!
Israel Galván is an award-winning Flamenco dancer and choreographer who has committed himself to taking his art in new directions. In turn, the charismatic and inventive Akram Khan has worked tirelessly to explore and break down the boundaries between Kathak and contemporary dance.

The roots of their techniques go back centuries, their traditions open up a vast fan of cultures, and yet they fall into step with astonishing ease. For there is an invisible thread, a shared lineage, which connects these two traditions with their foot stamps and circular hand movements, their abrupt rhythmic changes and music produced in part by the dancer’s body.

The two choreographers seek to transcend the obvious and reach the point at which, together, they can break the moulds of their respective cultures from within and create a performance in which two bodies become one but retain their own idioms as they do so.


Chaired by Christiana Galanopoulou, art historian, artistic director of MIRfestival.

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