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After performance talk with Themelis Glynatsis

Themelis Glynatsis

2 April 2015
What led Mankind from Romanticism to Fascism? A promising young director puts the European decay of the late 19th century on stage with brio.
A proponent of an impassioned and profoundly meditative theatre, the young and rapidly up-and-coming director Themelis Glynatsis, one of the outstanding voices of the contemporary Greek theatre, takes on the first novel in Broch’s trilogy. Espousing a totally new directorial idiom far from the mimicry of the post-modern and of laboured abstraction, Glynatsis promises audiences a poetic production, a theatrical rite of initiation set to the hollow thud of a world collapsing—the world of 1888 which seems so disturbingly familiar to us today.


Chaired by Grigoris Ioannidis, theatre critic and assistant professor of Drama Studies, University of Athens

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