Themelis Glynatsis

Romanticism: A performance based on Hermann Broch's "The Sleepwalkers"

18-05 APR 2015
Upper Stage
2 hours
What led Mankind from Romanticism to Fascism? A promising young director puts the European decay of the late 19th century on stage with brio.
18 €
Concs 10 € | Unemployed 5 €
So was Adolf Hitler a romantic? Or, put another way, might the moral and intellectual destabilization of the 19th century have fed innately into the seemingly irresistible rise of Nazism? These are the sort of questions tackled by the stage version of Hermann Broch’s emblematic trio of novels, The Sleepwalkers (1932), a compelling work which chronicles the three European decades (1888-1918) separating the decline of Romanticism from World War One and Fascism.
A proponent of an impassioned and profoundly meditative theatre, the young and rapidly up-and-coming director Themelis Glynatsis, one of the outstanding voices of the contemporary Greek theatre, takes on the first novel in Broch’s trilogy. Espousing a totally new directorial idiom far from the mimicry of the post-modern and of laboured abstraction, Glynatsis promises audiences a poetic production, a theatrical rite of initiation set to the hollow thud of a world collapsing—the world of 1888 which seems so disturbingly familiar to us today.  
A fine cast of veterans and relative newcomers bring to life the story of the young Joachim von Pasenow, who is forced into a career in the army by his family, where he espouses the absolutist and nationalist ideals of Prussian militarism, and sleepwalks through a world “ruled by a sort of emotional inertness” like some Faustian antihero…


Translation: Maria Aggelidou
Direction: Themelis Glynatsis
Dramaturgy: Eleni Triantafyllopoulou
Sets: Adrianos Zacharias
Costumes: Margarita Dosoula
Music: Giorgos Poulios
Lighting: Melina Mascha
Video: Olga Brouma
Piano: Michalis Papapetrou
With: Thanasis Dovris, Ieronymos Kaletsanos, Christos Kechris, Nestor Kopsidas, Aspasia Kralli, Alexandra Delitheou, Sofianna Theofanous, Sotiris Tsakomidis
Production: Onassis Cultural Centre-Athens

Hermann Broch, “Die Schlafwandler. Eine Romantrilogie“ © Suhrkamp Verlag, Frankfurt a. M. 1978

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On Friday 20, Saturday 21, Sunday 22, Friday 27, Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 March with English surtitles.

2 Apr 2015


After performance talk with Themelis Glynatsis

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