FAQ | Onassis Stegi Friends | Onassis Stegi / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE
How long does my registration as an Onassis Stegi Friend last for?
Forever (or as long as I wish)

My registration becomes valid with the purchase of the first four open tickets and it never ends.
I don’t need to renew my registration, nor use it at a certain frequency, for it to remain valid.
I can make use of my privileges as often or as sparsely as I wish, and I continue to be entitled to them in all respects.
If I wish to remove myself from the Onassis Stegi Friends, I can send an email with my request and my registration is simply terminated.
How do I contact the Onassis Stegi Friends' desk/box office?
Either by phone at +30 213 017 8200 (everyday 09:00-20:00), or by email at friends@sgt.gr & friendsboxoffice@sgt.gr, or by showing up at the Onassis Stegi Friends box office (Onassis Stegi building, 1st floor, everyday 09:00-21:00).

Why do I need the personal member card which I received with my registration?
The back side of the card contains my full name and personal member number which is unique.
This number comes in handy when I contact the Friends hot line for identification or when I submit my request for additional access to benefits, such as participation in open rehearsals, events just for Friends, pre-booking of entrance passes for Onassis Stegi productions which are open to the public, etc.

I do not need the card when I purchase tickets through my electronic Friend profile.
I log in to my profile by using the username and password I set the first time I logged in.
To log in to my profile, I click here.