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Tickets & Benefits

Ticket purchase & Point system


Registration as a Friend
Individual package of 4 open tickets (free choice) > € 50
  • They can only be bought upon registration as a Friend of OCC
  • They are valid for 5 calendar years; after this time passes, they are deactivated automatically, without the buyer being removed from the Friends of OCC
  • They can be redeemed as Zone A tickets, subject to availability at the moment of their redemption
  • The can be redeemed either one by one or all at once
  • Ways of redemption: See below (paragraph: Ways of purchase & ways of paying)
Every friend is allowed to buy one individual package for himself or herself only at the moment of the registration. Every friend can purchase as many individual packages for loved ones in their name, as a present of Friendship with OCC.
For new registrations, press here.
For events / shows which require a ticket
The prices for Friends can be found in the tickets information accompanying each event and are reduced by 20-30% compared to normal prices, with the exception of events organized by third parties or unless otherwise stated.
Package of 5 tickets for Friends
It is offered in the price of four individual tickets.

Friends can redeem points for Zone B tickets (100 points = 1 ticket) or they can use one of the 4 open tickets (provided they are still valid) which they bought upon registration.

The rest of the special price categories are valid without further discount for Friends with disability (AmeA - Zone 7 €). With the selection of these prices, the Friend account is credited with points automatically and accordingly.
Press here to log in to our account.
By logging in to the electronic Friend profile, using our own personal username and password and the member number from our personal Friend card. The points are automatically added. Ways of paying: credit card or point redemption or open tickets. We log in to our account here.
At the Friends of OCC box office
OCC building, 1st floor, everyday 9:00-21:00, by mentioning our full name or showing our personal Friend card. Ways of paying: cash, credit card or point redemption or open tickets.
By phone
Friends hot line 213 017 8200 everyday 9:00-21:00, by mentioning our full name or using our personal Friend card. Ways of paying: credit card or point redemption or open tickets.
It is not possible to make use of the special prices for Friends when buying tickets from IANOS bookshop at Stadiou Street.


How points are credited
1 € = 1 point
With every euro that we spend for buying tickets at OCC, we get one point credited to our account. It is a necessary prerequisite to have made the purchase by mentioning our personal details, so that the system recognizes our status as a Friend. This applies to all ways of paying.

How points are redeemed
100 points = 1 Zone B ticket
Every 100 points already credited to our account can be redeemed for 1 Zone B ticket (or a ticket of smaller price) whenever we want to, subject to seating availability for the show we are interested in. When we choose “point redemption” as a way of paying, the system automatically removes the points from our account, provided that the transaction has been completed successfully.
We contact the Friend of OCC for more information about ticket purchase, prices for Friends and the point system.