Schedia vendors' photographic exhibition / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

Schedia vendors' photographic exhibition

A home for Schedia street paper at the OCC

28 Apr - 10 May 2015
Daily 12:00-21:00
Photographs by 8 men and women who make their living selling Schedia. See the city through their eyes, buy their work and help them support themselves.
Free admission
Eighty Athenian images captured on camera by eight men and women who make their living selling Schedia, Athens’ street paper, are to be shown in an exhibition at the OCC. The photographs are for sale and the proceeds will go in their entirety to their creators.

In October 2013, eight Schedia vendors, all of whom are or have been homeless, were each given a camera. Their mission: to capture Athens life from their own unique perspective; to record what catches their eye and captures their imagination; to show us the city through their eyes without restraints or limitations. The respected photojournalist Nikos Pilos undertook to give them some photography lessons and to help them see beyond the lens.

This exhibition is neither the beginning or the end of the collaboration between the OCC, the Onassis Foundation and Schedia magazine - a meaningful relationship based in equality and rooted in acceptance of the fact that anyone can find themselves in any situation and an acknowledgment that anyone who turns a blind eye to what it going on around them cannot be considered a citizen.

The Schedia vendors’ photographic exhibition at the OCC is a singular event: because it helps us to see both more and more clearly; because it broadens our horizons.

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Schedia is Greece’s only street paper. Like all the members of the International Network of Street Papers (INSP), Schedia is not sold at newsagents, kiosks and the usual points of sale but exclusively on the street by registered vendors. Vendors come from socially vulnerable groups: the homeless, the unemployed and those who live below the poverty line. Half of the 3 € cover price goes straight to the vendor, so the paper provides a unique opportunity for sellers to earn a living wage as well as a means of escaping social isolation and exclusion. It provides men and women who find themselves on the street with one more reason to rebuild their lives.

Photographers: Lefteris Eleftherakis, Bessy Zachari, Giannis Kotsos, Christos Bakogiannis, Alexandros Nanos, Matina Paschali, Ioulia Symeonidou, Giannis Fokas

Curator: Nikos Pilos (photojournalist)

Onassis Cultural Centre
Schedia street paper

With the support of the Onassis Foundation

Price list:
Metal prints (glossy): 230 € single (80x60cm) | 280 € double (140x53cm).
Lambda print (matt photographic paper): 40 € single (80x60cm) | 60 € double (140x53cm)
Postcard (matt): 3 € (28x13cm)

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