Adhocracy symposium: From making things to making the commons / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

Adhocracy symposium: From making things to making the commons

In the context of Αdhocracy [Athens] exhibition

18 Jun 2015
Upper Stage
A symposium about the people who are making things and making the commons.
Free admission
As a research process, Adhocracy displays examples but also triggers discussions about the main subjects structuring the exhibition: people making things and making the commons. Understanding the call for action to set ad-hoc questions and responses to current challenges, this symposium gives the floor to people experienced in both areas, to discuss the main topics and compare experiences that have been developed during the run of the exhibition.

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17:00-18:40 – 1st session: "Making objects"
Rather than big factories or production lines, the new production paradigm makes a claim for workspaces for interaction, where the ideas of citizens who have training or experience can mix, cross-fertilize and spread. The working space developed for this exhibition is a clear example. In the span of two months the space has been transformed into a maker space, allowing creative and critical interactions. The space has shown that adaptable conditions can be set to test new ways of making things, learn and have fun; like exploring the communicative dimension of a piece of bread or new urban artefacts and software using Open Source software and hardware. But, amid all the hype of new maker movement possibilities, a critical review of the process and the products generated is also needed.  What are the necessary energy inputs to feed new maker tools? Who is providing the raw materials to develop new products? Do we need all of them or are they basically pointless plastic products? Are we producing better things and also better wastes?

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Panos Dragonas, Introduction / Presentation of the speakers (5')
Ethel Baraona Pohl, Presentation of the exhibition (5')
Afroditi Psarra / Maria Varela, Presentation (15')
Thomas Lommée, Presentation (15')
Joseph Grima, Presentation (15')
Yorgos Tzirtzilakis, Presentation / Commentary (15')
Discussion (30')

18:40-19:20 Intermission
Coffee and Chocolates Break: Souzy Tros / Eleni Hadjitoffi "Choco Choco Bam Bam" performance
19:20-21:00 – 2nd session: "Making the Commons"
Practices of commoning have become a main discussion theme since the occupy movements and the invention of modalities of solidarity. The whole outcome of pointing to a developing General Intellect of collectivities and communities creates an optimistic future of living together that provides alternative ways of economies, pluralities and being together not only under austerity but also within global neoliberal policies. Design, architecture and urban space meet these discussion at every level and scale. As the force of the market is very strong and governmental policies are unavoidable, the question remains: How is possible for our commoning practice to stand and develop together? What is the organization and hierarchy in the practice of making commons; do we need it? How do Making commons differ in heterogeneous realities in different geographies? How we can discuss commons as ontological category and epistemic category at the same time? What is the position demanded of new educational systems?

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César Reyes Nájera, Introduction / Presentation of the speakers (5')
Pelin Tan, Presentation of the exhibition (5')
Valentina Karga, Presentation (15')
Alessandro Petti, Presentation (15')
Dimitris Papalexopoulos, Presentation (15')
Ben Vickers, Presentation / Commentary (15')

Entrance to all the events in the “Talks and Thoughts” Cycle is free and on a first come, first served basis.
The distribution of entrance tickets begins one (1) hour before each event.
Simultaneous translation is provided in the case of speakers using a language other than Greek.

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