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Transitions Central Europe: Our Secrets

Béla Pintér

Transitions 3. Central Europe

14-15 NOV 2015
Upper Stage
Secrets and lies of Hungary in the 1980s: In this critically acclaimed comic tragedy of dark times in the Eastern Bloc, an opponent of the regime and a secret-police informer find themselves together in a ball room in communist Hungary.
Full price: 10 €   
Reduced: 5 €
Small groups (5-9 people): 9 €  
Large groups (10+ people): 8 €
People with disabilities: 4 € -
Companions: 5 €
Unemployed: 4 €

Hungary, 1980: Brought together in a ballroom, a group of people see their lives crushed amidst folk songs, blow jobs, alcohol and endless debates over the Iron Curtain...

Featuring songs, this award-winning play by the internationally acclaimed dramaturg, director and actor Béla Pintér (b.1970) is suitable only for adults. Its protagonist, István, is a paedophile. Attempting to avoid arrest, he gives in to blackmail by the Hungarian secret police and becomes an informer. Morbid fiction or a real incident?

Against the backdrop of an enormous tape recorder, Béla Pintér (who also plays Imre, a dancer and a regime opponent), mixes folklore and modernity, sexual perversion and unbearable humanity in this hardcore contemporary drama.

Pintér’s work is not nostalgic for the communist 80s. With raw realism, sarcastic humour, and an underground lyricism, he exposes the collective neuroses and pathologies of Hungary’s recent past: the recruitment of informers by the notorious AVH (the Hungarian Stasi), the functioning of an entire nation according to the logic of secret reports, and the protection of former agents and their identities to this day, to name a few...


Playwright – Direction: Béla Pintér
Director’s assistant: Rozi Hajdú
Dramaturg: Éva Enyedi
Costume designer: Mari Benedek
Costumes designer’s assistant: Julcsi Kiss
Stage: Gábor Tamás
Lighting: László Varga
Sound: Zoltán Belényesi
Props: László Quitt
Finances: Gyula Inhaizer
Production Manager: Anna Hidvégi
Translation into Greek: Manouela Berki
Cast: Zsófia Szamosi, Béla Pintér, Szabolcs Thuróczy, Angéla Stefanovics, György Póta, Gábor Pelva

Gábor Pelva: violin, viola, guitar
György Póta: synthesizer, double bass, viola
Hella Roszik: violin

With English surtitles.

Saturday 14 November
After performance talk with Béla Pintér (Language: Hungarian, with simultaneous translation)
Chaired by Katia Arfara, Artistic Director of the Theatre and Dance Department at the Onassis Cultural Centre.

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