Transitions Central Europe: Audition for a demonstration / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

Transitions Central Europe: Audition for a demonstration

Lola Arias

Transitions 3. Central Europe

17 NOV 2015
Main Stage
“If you could turn the clock back, which historical events would you like to be at and what role would you play there?” A performance which reworks political events from the past live on stage...
Free admission
ARGENTINA (artist from the 2nd Transitions Festival)

What do we remember about historic political events that determined a country’s future? About borders eradicated, dictators overthrown, popular uprisings? What is left behind in the memories of those who took part and what is it that shapes a society’s collective memory? What can be used to reconstruct such events today: a slogan, a photograph, a song, an eye-witness account?

The Argentinian director and playwright Lola Arias invites the public to a production in the form of an audition. The protagonists -the audience- will be confronted with a question: “If you could turn the clock back, which historical events would you like to be at and what role would you play there? Would you be a protester, an observer, or a law enforcer?”

The audience is invited to re-construct a demonstration. The procedure encourages those that accept the call to confront memories, historical facts and collective narratives. Their goal: to reconstruct what actually happened at the event and how it can be re-enacted today.

A performance-audition about collective memory, political participation and the relationship between fiction and history. The work is nomadic in form and is recreated each time especially for the city which is hosting it. Every city has its own history and there is always a demonstration that remains unforgettable for its inhabitants.

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Concept and Dramaturgy: Lola Arias
Artistic collaboration: Aljoscha Bregrich
Research and Dramaturgie for the Greek version: Prodromos Tsinikoris
Research Assistant: Ioanna Valsamidou
Video: Mikko Gaestel
Video Assistant: Oliwia Twardowska
Director’s Assistant: Liana Taousiani
Assistants to the costume designer: Alexandra Delitheou, Vassiliki Sourri
Historical consultant: Dr Leonidas Kallivretakis (National Hellenic Research Foundation)
Volunteers: Dimitra Dermitzaki, Eleni Euthymiou, Vicky Nikolaidou, Vassilis Skarmoutsos, Elena Stauropoulou
Simultaneous translation: Nikos Pratsinis

The archive material is provided courtesy of the Greek National Television (ERT).

In Greek, no translation into English.

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