"The Waves" by Virginia Woolf / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

"The Waves" by Virginia Woolf

Dimitris Karantzas

21 NOV 2015 - 24 APR 2016
Saturday and Sunday | 18:30*
19 ΔΕΚ 2015 - 24 ΑΠΡ 2016 18:30 [Source: www.sgt.gr]
5th floor - Young Theatre Workshop
Age guidance: 13+
Impulses, longing, liberation. Restless teenage theatre back at the OCC for another year! Dimitris Karantzas engages with Virginia Woolf in a hymn to friendship on the OCC’s Youth Stage.
Full price: 12 €
Reduced & Small groups
(5-9 people): 9 €
Large groups (10+ people): 8 €
People with disabilities: 5 € - Companions: 9 €
Unemployed: 5 €
The Waves tell the story of a group of friends from the day they first go to school to the day the sun sets on their lives. Six friends who grow up with different dreams and goals, who fall in love, are disappointed but don’t give up hope, who live through loss and the worst life can throw at them, but triumph—gloriously or not—in the end. Following the ebb and flow of the spoken word, the text speaks of friendship and passion, of difference, of life, loss and the agony of existence and co-existence—all concerns which awaken with a vengeance in adolescence!

This year, the OCC has entrusted its Youth Theatre to Dimitris Karantzas, an artist of the upcoming generation who stands out thanks to his unique theatrical idiom. In the wake of his European success with Dimitris Dimitriadis’ The Circle of the Square, Karantzas returns to the OCC with a production based on Virginia Woolf’s superb novel. In it, he further develops the concept of a restless, searching theatre for teenagers. “The Waves has been my favourite novel since I was a teenager”, he confesses. “By focusing on the rhythm and musicality of the words and the inherent drama of sound, the production seeks to compose a song out of fragments and forge the universal voice through which people have sought down the ages to comprehend the mystery of life during their fleeting spells in this world”.


The text is based on abstracts of Aris Berli’s translation.

Direction: Dimitris Karantzas
Assistant to the Director, Collaboration in the adaptation, Line Production: Theodora Kapralou
Sound Dramaturgy: Dimitris Kamarotos
Set Design: Cleo Boboti
Costumes: Ioanna Tsami
Lighting Design: Alekos Anastasiou
Assistant to the Costume Designer: Vassiliki Souri
Assistant to the Set Designer: Stefania Helectra Padavou
Hair Styling: Talkin’ Heads
With: Evdoxia Androulidakis, George Vourdamis-Maurogenis, Ioanna Piata, Elina Rizou, Michael Sarantis, Aeneas Tsamatis
Production: Onassis Cultural Centre-Athens

* Two more performances are added on Sundays 20 March and 3 April at 12:00.


19 Nov 2015

5 € per student 


"The Waves" by Virginia Woolf Dimitris Karantzas

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9 - 24 Jan 2016

21:00 Upper Stage
Full price: 12 €
Reduced & Groups
(5+ people): 9 €
People with disabilities: 5 € -
Companions: 10 €
Unemployed: 5 €


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