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FFF | small metal objects

Back to Back Theatre

Fast Forward Festival 3

20-22 MAY 2016
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Syntagma Square, Athens centre
50 minutes
The performance can be followed in English.
We are at Syntagma Square, in central Athens. We’re watching from a bank of raised seating, each with a set of headphones. We observe passers-by and they observe us. Suddenly, theatre and reality are turned inside out.
Free admission
We are in the city centre of Athens at Syntagma Square, watching from a bank of raised seating, each with a set of headphones. We observe passers-by and they observe us. Suddenly we all seem to be a bit odd... Theatre and reality are turned inside out. A series of issues, almost taken for granted, are unsettled.

Two years after Ganesh Versus the Third Reich –a remarkable allegory of the Holocaust– Back to Back Theatre returns to the Onassis Cultural Centre. Australia’s famed theatre group, consisting of internationally known artists with perceived intellectual disabilities, presents an even more unconventional and brilliant spectacle, taking place in the heart of Athens at rush hour.

What is private and what is public? What is allowed in public view and what is not? What defines one’s value and normality: personality or, perhaps, efficiency? How useful is it, in the end, to be productive? And how important are small metal objects, coins – money, that is?

The director Bruce Gladwin says: "small metal objects explores the social implications of the 'financialisation' of our culture. Its theme has particular relevance for those who are traditionally perceived as less 'productive' - people with disabilities, the unemployed, outsiders and the third world. The production is an examination of 'respect', or 'lack of respect', which consists of not being seen and not being accounted for as full human beings."
And continues, about his choice to present this show in a public space: "small metal objects delivers theatre to the mass public, lifting a seating bank from an auditorium and placing it within everyday experience. The audience becomes an installation for the general public; the general public becomes the extras of a dramatic narrative. It is a theatrical spectacle, generated by the powerful interplay of audience and public, oscillating between the roles of spectator and spectacle."

Characterized by its team as ‘a voyeuristic meditation and/or urban thriller’, this seemingly simple work is a complex public spectacle that will move you deeply.


Director: Bruce Gladwin
Devisors: Bruce Gladwin, Simon Laherty, Sonia Teuben, Jim Russell & Genevieve Morris
Performers: Simon Laherty, Sonia Teuben, Jim Russell & Genevieve Morris
Sound Engineer: Marco Cher Gibard
Producer: Ally Harvey
Production Manager: Dans Maree Sheehan
Stage Manager / Artist Support: Nikki Watson
Production Manager in Athens: Giannis Rados
Translation: Vassilis Kimoulis
Interpreting: Georgia Tsiliki

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Friday 20 and Saturday 21 May 2016 | 17:00 & 19:30
Sunday 22 May 2016 | 11:00

Entrance is free and on a first come, first served basis.
The distribution of entrance tickets begins one (1) hour before the event.
Pre-booking of entrance tickets at boxoffice@sgt.gr

Monday 23 May
Theatre "Un-masterclass" by Bruce Gladwin (10:00-13:00 | OCC)

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