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Arkadi Zaides

Fast Forward Festival 3

25-26 ΜΑY 2016
Upper Stage
60 minutes
A solo masterpiece on the force of violence.
Full price: 10 €
Reduced-Unemployed: 5 €
People with disabilities & Companions: 5 €
Taking as his starting point visual material from the archives of B’Tselem, the Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories, Arkadi Zaides does not hesitate to turn his critical gaze to the political reality of his country. A unique voice of the Israeli dance scene, Zaides has created a masterpiece about the violence inflicted on the human body, and about the cost paid by a society permitting such violence to take place.

In 2013 Zaides began working with B’Tselem. Wishing to equip Palestinians living in the West Bank with recorded evidence of any illegal actions against them by Israeli soldiers – proof that could be used in future trials – B’Tselem gave them cameras. Having examined 4,500 hours of visual material, Zaides chose as the core of his work material depicting the everyday violence of Israelis.

Examining the consequences of violence on the bodies of people living in war zones, he reproduces the movements of those depicted. Sometimes the movements are synchronized, other times are anticipated, and other times repeated.  Zaides also reproduces the sounds, so that the violence inscribed on the body becomes a wild dance, paradoxically constructed with movements of violence, rawness and inhumanity.  Constantly shifting perspective and transforming his body into a mirror, a magnifying glass, or simply a body with no place to stand, Zaides reduces the boundaries between reality and representation. To the audience, he poses his questions about violence, that shadow of humanity, as well as about issues of the responsibility shared by all regarding perpetrators of violence.


Archive materials: volunteers for the "Camera Project"of B'Tselem - The Israeli Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories: Iman Sufan, Mu'az Sufan, Bilal Tamimi, Udai 'Aqel, Awani D'ana, Bassam J'abri, Abu 'Ayesha, Qassem Saleh, Mustafa Elkam, Raed Abu Ermeileh, Abd al-Karim J'abri, Issa 'Amro, Ahmad Jundiyeh, Nasser Harizat, Abu Sa'ifan, Oren Yakobovich, Nayel Najar

Concept & choreography: Arkadi Zaides
Video consultant: Effi & Amir (Effi Weiss and Amir Borenstein)
Sound art & voice dramaturgy: Tom Tlalim
Artistic advice: Katerina Bakatsaki
Assistant choreography: Ofir Yudilevitch
Light: Thalie Lurault
Remote Control Interface: Pierre-Olivier Boulant
Production: Yael Bechor
Special thanks to Myriam Van Imschoot
Technical direction: Etienne Exbrayat
Sound technician: Cyril Communal
International Distributon: Key Performance

Produced by: Arkadi Zaides
Co-produced by: Festival D’Avignon, CDC Toulouse, Théâtre National De Chaillot, CNDC Angers
Residencies at: CDC Toulouse, CNDC Angers, STUK Leuven, Theatre National De Chaillot, WP Zimmer
For this project Arkadi Zaides has received a prize from The Emile Zola Chair for Human Rights.

Thursday 26 May
Lecture by Maayan Amir and Ruti Sela (Exterritory project) with the title “Preparations for Extraterritorial Scenarios” (19:00-20:00 | OCC)

Thursday 26 May
After performance talk with choreographer Arkadi Zaides, artist & curator Maayan Amir and director Dimitris Karantzas. Moderated by Katia Arfara, Artistic Director of the Fast Forward Festival

26 May 2016

19:00 Upper Stage
Free admission


FFF | Lecture by Maayan Amir and Ruti Sela (Exterritory project) with the title “Preparations for Extraterritorial Scenarios”

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