Borderline Festival '16 / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

Borderline Festival '16

7-10 APR 2016
Inside & Outside the Onassis Stegi
Sound on the edge. Restless performances and a subversive project in search of new forms of expression and new productions of sound.
Free entrance events
Ticket prices per set:
Full price: 5 €
People with disabilities: 4 € - Companions: 5 €
Unemployed: 4 €
Now in its sixth year, Borderline Festival continues to explore and document the tendencies of contemporary experimental music, acoustic but mainly electronic.

Aiming to create a space where ideas can float freely and mix, where adventurous situations can unfold, the Festival deliberately avoids any thematic umbrella. Confronting the risks of kitsch lurking in postmodernism, it takes as a challenge the perspective of forming imaginary mosaics. Beginning with music’s fluidity and concert actions in the amphitheatre, these mosaics are gradually drawn into theoretical constellations, and into the process of thinking about, through and by means of music and its primal material, i.e. sound, while avoiding the academic and/or purely exhibitive approach of sound art.

To weave all this together, or to make it collide: that is the essence of an intense process meant to reveal contradictions and give rise to new and unexpected thoughts and experiences. This is not simply a meditation on identity and limits, but also a reflection on the dissolution of borders that allows for hybrid and fresh forms to emerge. 
If one should single out a preoccupation pervading this year’s Festival, it would be the focus on the relationship of interior and exterior. It is an exploration on the multiple ways of being inside out, with regard to various levels of perceptions, the relationship of natural and artificial environments, and social and research contexts, as well as human co-existence in space.   

In this sense, this year’s Festival is enriched by a variety of additional actions (not taking place inside the Onassis Cultural Centre or any other building), and various site-specific works that place emphasis on the aspect of procedure, among others.


Onassis Cultural Centre, Upper Stage | 21:00-00:00 | Ticket prices per set: 5 €, People with disabilities, Unemployed: 4 €
Friday 8 April
21:00 | Sofia Jernberg
22:00 | Three Legged Race
23:15 | Jana Winderen
Stine Janvin Motland will also participate on Friday 8 April.
Saturday 9 April
21:00 | Nikos Kyriazopoulos
22:00 | Marcus Schmickler & Julian Rohrhuber, ''Politiken der Frequenz”, performance with chorus (in Greek)
23:00 | Rabih Beaini / Raed Yassin
Sunday 10 April
21:00 | Felicia Atkinson / Bartolomé Sanson
22:00 | James Hoff
23:00 | Angélica Castelló

Friday 8 - Sunday 10 April | +5 Foyer | Free entrance

TOMUTONTTU'S MUSIC BOX: Interactive sound sculpture by Jan Anderzén
(2013, technical realization by Jari Suominen) |

Wednesday 6, Thursday 7 and Friday 8 April | Physiopolis, 3 Al. Papanastasiou, Halandri

9:30-12:30 | Joel Cahen: Liquid Vibrations (in collaboration with Watsu practitioner Steve Karle) | For special educators and children with disabilities | Click here to read more

Friday 8 April | OCC
18:00-20:00 | Talk-Open rehearsal of “Politiken der Frequenz” with Marcus Schmickler & Julian Rohrhuber

Saturday 9 April | OCC
12:00-14:00 | Panel discussion with Shelter Press [Felicia Atkinson/Bartolome Sanson] and James Hoff
16:00-18:00 | Performative lecture by Konrad Becker | Click here to read more
18:00-20:30 | Kink Gong
Screening of the SMALL PATH MUSIC documentary film (prod. Sublime Frequencies) and of videoclips with experimental soundscapes |

Sunday 10 April | OCC
11:00-14:00 | Workshop with Jan Anderzén | For children 10-12 years old | Click here to read more.


Thursday 7 April

ROMANTSO (3-5 Anaxagora, Omonoia) |  Click here to see the map. | Tickets: 5 € | You can purchase your ticket also at Romantso on the event day, after 19:00 (depending on ticket availability) | No seats, audience is standing.

Konrad Becker (a.k.a. Monoton)
Bill Kouligas / Rabih Beaini

Strobe lights will be used during the sets.

Sunday 10 April | Free admission
Joel Cahen: "Wet Sounds"
11:00 | Athens Olympic Park (OAKA), indoor swimming pool | Free admission, with entrance tickets | Duration: 45'
Click here to read how to book your place and instrustions for your participation.

Sunday 10 April | Ticket: 5 € (for the 3 performances)
16:00* | Viv Corringham: "Shadow Walks", walking performance | 16:00 | Starting point: Metaxourgeio Metro Station (exit to Deligianni str.) | Ending point: Ε.Δ.Ω.
17:00 | Eric La Casa & Jean Luc Guionnet (in collaboration with Ε.Δ.Ω. - Click here to see the map |
18:30 | Udo Noll: "Mobile Miniatures" (in collaboration with Ε.Δ.Ω.)

*The walk takes place at an open-air location. The audience is advised to wear comfortable clothes and shoes, as they will walk for about 1 hour.
The walk starts exactly at the above mentioned hour (16:00). Please be sure that you arrive at the starting point 15 minutes prior to the performance scheduled start time. You can also purchase your ticket at the starting point. Maximum participants 30 persons.

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Sofia Jernberg [Sweden/Ethiopia]

Robert Beatty (aka Three Legged Race) [USA]
Jana Winderen [Norway]
Nikos Kyriazopoulos [Greece]
Marcus Schmickler [Germany]
Rabih Beaini / Raed Yassin [Lebanon]
Félicia Atkinson / Bartolomé Sanson [France]
James Hoff [USA]
Angelica Castello [Mexico]
Joel Cahen: Wet Sounds / Liquid Vibrations [Great Britain]
Goodiepal [Denmark / Faroe Ιslands]
Konrad Becker [Austria]\
Bill Kouligas [Greece]
Stine Janvin Motland [Norway]
Senyawa [Indonesia]
Viv Corringham [Great Britain]
Eric La Casa & Jean-Luc Guionnet [France]
Jan Anderzén [Finland]
Udo Noll [Germany]
Kink Gong [France]

Shackleton [Great Britain]

6 - 8 Apr 2016

Participation cost: Free


Liquid Vibrations Training and practice in Sonic Hydrotherapy with Joel Cahen in collaboration with Steve Karle

10 Apr 2016

Participation cost: 10 €


Workshop with Jan Anderzén: A Composer Portrait Workshop

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23 - 24 Apr 2016

Hospice for the Disabled (39 Agias Zonis str, Athens)
Full price: 5 €
People with disabilities: 4 € -
Companions: 5 €
Unemployed: 4 €


Breakfast Club

9 - 11 Jun 2016

21:30 Roof
15 € with a drink (beer or wine)
Tickets for the concert can be purchased from 27 May by HYTRA restaurant daily from 17:30 until 00:00 and on the concert day at 20:00, at the OCC's Main Lobby.


Greek Jazz Panorama/New Generation

3 - 13 Jun 2016

*Scroll down for tickets

Strobe lights and smoke will be used during the concert.


K.Bhta | SALA SALA Rembetiko: Marika Papagkika / Sotiria Mpellou

14 May 2016

23:59 Multiple stages
Free admission


six d.o.g.s pyjama party