Body: Hypnos, death and resurrection / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

Body: Hypnos, death and resurrection

A conversation in the context of the Hypnos Project

Hypnos Project

9 ΜAY 2016
Upper Stage
How do we understand the body in time, and how do we experience its decay and end?
Free admission
As it has been observed from early on and repeatedly thematized by the arts, sleep is a death rehearsal, dream rehearses dealing with the metaphysical, and awakening is the everyday allegory of resurrection.
Titled ‘Body: Hypnos, Death and Resurrection’, this discussion is part of the talks cycle on the Body, as well as of Hypnos Project. It focuses on current conditions of political, religious, technological, and biotechnological governmentality of life and death.
Our aim is to bring together two of the most contemporary arguments on this issue. On the one hand, there is the sociological and theoretical approach to biopolitics and thanatopolitics; that is, how contemporary power protects and organizes the lives of some, while governing the death of others. On the other hand, there is biotechnology’s discussion about ‘creating life’. These strands of thought will be tied together with the broader topic of belief in life after death, of memorializing the dead, mourning, the image of ghosts, as well as of the way memory (of the dead) is linked to the recording of history and to the arts.
On stage at the Onassis Cultural Centre, speakers will have different starting points, from sociology and the arts to research on the humanities and natural sciences. As always, audience participation is crucial to the discussion.

Spyros Giannaras: Writer
Petros Ligoxygakis: Assistant Professor of Genetics, University of Oxford
Iris Lykourioti: Assistant Professor, Architecture Department, University of Thessaly, Volos
Dimitra Makrinioti: Professor of Sociology, University of Athens
Dimosthenis Papamarkos: Writer
Dimitris Papanikolaou: Associate Professor of Modern Greek Studies, University of Oxford



The body has never ceased to be a point of attention, at the core of human existence, communication, artistic expression, philosophical thinking, scientific explorations, and pedagogical practice. It has been an area of control and a goal of self-determination, a nexus of limits and a means of transgressing them, under the constant peril of decay, though always able to develop new potential. In a multicultural world with a multitude of perspectives and means of communication, where everything is changing at great speed, the body is the one thing that seems to remain stable and unchanging. But is this really the case? In recent years a dynamic interdisciplinary discourse on the body has emerged internationally. It shows how our relation to the body has also changed, and that the questions continuously posed demand new concepts, approaches and ideas.

Planning-concept: Afroditi Panagiotakou, Elisavet Pantazi
Organized by: Pasqua Vorgia
Curated by: Dimitris Papanikolaou

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