Transitions Central Europe: Dan Perjovschi / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

Transitions Central Europe: Dan Perjovschi

Transitions 3. Central Europe

11-29 NOV 2015
From the Balkans to Latin America and from there to Central Europe: The Rumanian visual artist and his caustic marker visit for the third time the OCC.
RUMANIA (artist from the 1st Transitions Festival)

Dan Perjovschi is one of Rumania’s most significant artists and also one of the most best-known Rumanian artists internationally. Born in Transylvania, he did not quit his country during the Ceaușescu years, staying put instead to express his people’s need for freedom and political rationalization. After the dictator’s fall, he played a key role in helping build Rumanian civil society.

Today, he is a leading figure in Rumanian activism and politicized art. His work is multifaceted, but he primarily made his name as a performance artist and with his black and white sketches caustically critiquing political developments in his homeland and the world.

This year, he will intervene with his characteristic sketches on the OCC’s LED wall on its frontage. He will also be present with a special edition of his sketches, humorous and reflective on the current socio-political situation in Central Europe and the Balkans.

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