Rembetiko: Marika Papagkika / Sotiria Mpellou

3-4 JUN | OCC | Main Stage | 20:30

13 JUN | Thessaloniki Concert Hall | 21:00
Konstantinos Beta, one of the most creative chapters in Greek electronic music, in an unexpected encounter with two rembetiko great voices.
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Strobe lights and smoke will be used during the concert.
K. Bhta, one of the most creative chapters in Greek electronic music, engages with rembetiko for the first time in an unexpected encounter on the Main Stage of the Onassis Cultural Centre and the Thessaloniki Concert Hall.

Sala Sala focuses on the 20th-century music history written by two important figures on the rembetiko scene: Sotiria Bellou (1921-1997) and Marika Papagika (1890-1943), two grandes dames of Greek music and two unique musical personalities whose voices left their mark on K. Bhta. Following on from a year’s research into rembetiko and the careers of two of its greatest exponents, Konstantinos Beta joined forces with Andreas Angelidakis and Angelo Plessas to create a new reading of rembetiko. A surprising musical encounter awash with the timbres and memories of the first music in K. Bhta’s life—the music he was exposed to in the family home.
“I have always loved rembetiko and its sounds have accompanied me through life always, like faded colours in a watercolour. Its colours and elements help me connect with real life, with pain, joy and the person in and around me. These songs are like a well-spring, a vein of genuine feeling that runs through everything. They lodge deep down inside, take control and guide our perception of situations. They’re a destination that take me back, back into my mother’s arms.  Someone who lost himself along the way, two extremities that sought to come together--I reached a point where I wanted to open up a way in and engage with two leading lights of rembetiko: Marika Papagika and Sotiria Bellou. I wanted to explore the world of early rembetiko through the traditional songs of Smyrna and the mark they left on the music of 1940s Athens. Through these two voices, these two shadows, I set out to portray the face of devastation and of joy, a ship that’s still at sea within us, a secret, unhoped-for joy, a sad smile, the person—a child without a family. Rembetiko, an unfinished structure open to the elements, a home within us.”
Κ. Bhta


Strobe lights and smoke will be used during the concert.

Artistic direction: Andreas Angelidakis and Angelo Plessas
Composition: Konstantinos Vita
Vocal: Theodora Baka, Konstantinos Vita
Lighting design: George Tellos
Lighting operation: Andreas Kourtis
Sound engineering: Yiannis Lambropoulos

Christos Alexakis: piano, farfisa
Alekos Vourgarakis: electric guitar
Kostas Gianniris: electric-bass
Panagiotis Tsekouras: theremin

Concept – Planning: Afroditi Panagiotakou, Nikos Athanasopoulos
Line Production: Yannis Mitroudis, Erodios live
Production: Onassis Cultural Cetre - Athens

Full price: 18–25–28–36–45 €
Reduced & Small groups (5-9 people): 14–20–23–29–36€
Large groups (10+ people): 13–19–21–27–34 €
People with disabilities: 5 € -
Companions: 10 €
Unemployed: 5 €
Limited Visibility Zone: Reduced 8 € - Full price 10 €

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