Butterfly Code

A digital workshop for educators

Digital Revolution

7-8 NOV 2015
Ideas for introducing programming into the teaching process in schools. How can the code help the students in their school lessons?
Cost: €12
Varvara & Mar are visual artists who use technology as raw material for their work. Both also have many years’ experience in education. As part of the “Digital Revolution” exhibition, they will be hosting a workshop for educators at the OCC on the creative side of programming code and technology. Participants will be provided with tools that will help them teach programming interactively in schools.

Participating educators will be introduced to Javascript, a programming language, during the workshop. The session will be based on the work of the artists behind Wishing Wall, an installation which takes an imaginative approach to the question of how we can share our innermost wishes with the world.  Using a tool which Varvara & May developed for teaching code to children, the workshop sets out to demonstrate how programming language can be used creatively and to encourage educators to introduce code into the teaching process and into classes including maths, art and computer science.


Varvara Guljajeva: visual artist
Mar Canet: visual artist

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Aimed at:
Educators and adults with a particular interest in programming code.

Saturday 7 November 2015 | 17:00-20:00
& Sunday 8 November 2015 | 17:00-20:00


You can book a place on one of the wo days on which the workshop will be held.

Tel: 213 017 8002
Email: education@sgt.gr

7 - 15 Nov 2015

Prices depend on the workshop


Genaration D. The digital new generation! Two workshops of digital art for children, on the occasion of the exhibition "Digital Revolution".

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