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Transitions Central Europe: Theatre workshop with Marta Górnicka

Transitions Central Europe: Magnificat

20 NOV 2015
Create a new artistic language, in which words will be treated as music and language will be transformed into voice.
Cost:12 €
The workshop led by Marta Górnicka, director, singer, creator of the modern choral theatre company The Chorus of Women, is a four-hour vocal and acting voice/body training session according to her own method, aimed at finding the organic human voice.

A small group of participants of the workshop will be exploring the acting techniques designed to build strong stage presence, as well as the methods for critical work with language. The topics addressed will include the individual's expression in choral theatre and building the intensity of collective expression on stage.
Practical work will use such skills as preparation for work with the body/voice, conditions of static work, breath and its awareness, work with directed sound in the body, work with sound and space, articulation of sound in speech, emotions and voice, work with the text, work with the score.

Another aim of the workshop is to stimulate acting creativity in the field of voice/body, to redefine the thinking about language, and to indicate innovative ways of working with the word / sound.  The workshop will be a space to transform language, but also to go beyond and play with cultural stereotypes, to recover and develop the full potential of the human voice (whisper, scream, computer speech, singing).

The director will propose the participants to create a new artistic language, in which words will be treated as music and language will be transformed into voice.

Marta Górnicka has given her workshop on many occasions and in many places around the world, including Paris, Tokyo, Le Havre, Marseille, Berlin, London, Nottingham, Tel-Aviv, Dresden, Utrecht, Kiev. She is especially interested in the expression of the female voice. She has worked with women-immigrants from Algeria at the National Theatre Le Merlan in Marseille, with Arab and Jewish women in Tel Aviv, as well as with the Roma community in the largest European Roma ghetto in Košice. Her work with the body / voice has always also a special political and social dimension.

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Aimed at:
Professional actors, amateurs in the field of performing arts, but also to all persons regardless of gender, age, artistic and musical experience.

Friday 20 November 2015 | 11:00-15:00


T.: 213 017 8002

21 - 22 Nov 2015

21:00 Main Stage
Full price: 10 €   
Reduced: 5 €
Small groups (5-9 people): 9 €  
Large groups (10+ people): 8 €
People with disabilities: 4 € -
Companions: 5 €
Unemployed: 4 €


Transitions Central Europe: Magnificat Marta Górnicka

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