Masterclass / Lecture of Konstantin Bogomolof / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

Masterclass / Lecture of Konstantin Bogomolof

Chekhov Moscow Art Theater

5 JAN 2016
A masterclass on "Modern psychological theatre" with Konstantin Bogomolov, the enfant terrible of the Russian theatre.
Cost: 10 €
The masterclass entitled "Modern psychological theatre" will cover the following topics:

Abandoning the profession
Theatre as a recollection
Desacralization of death – a new phase in art and in the theatre
Theatre without purpose or reason
Christian theatre vs. theater without a purpose
A new way of existence
To be vs. to live
Suspense vs. development
Abandonment of categories of task, event, and motivation
The script of a role as a mirror
A corridor of circumstances
Abandonment of Stanislavsky as a return to Stanislavsky

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Aimed at:
Professionals in the field of theatre, actors and directors.

Friday 20 November 2015 | 11:00-15:00

In Russian, with simultaneous translation into Greek.

T.: 213 017 8002

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