FFF | And For The Rest (Athens)

Tim Etchells

Fast Forward Festival 3

16-29 MAY 2016
Outside the Onassis Stegi
A right to vote: 'no' – A right to want: 'yes'. The founder and director of Forced Entertainment, the legendary experimental performance company, fills the streets of Athens with messages from those who can't vote - adults, teenagers and children.
“What would you change in the world, in your life, in yourself, in the country, the city, your neighbourhood, or just about the view from your window? And what’s needed to bring about these changes?"
From children of all ages to asylum seekers, migrants and refugees participants in the project were asked about their wishes, needs, demands and hopes for the future, focused on what they would like to change. All this by virtue of And for the rest, the poster-project from Tim Etchells, the ingenious and award-winning director and founder of the UK’s longest-lived experimental theatre company, Forced Entertainment –or, put another way, from the man who erected a giant neon sign on the banks of the Thames a few years ago to announce “We wanted to be the sky”.
Taking short texts from the interviews (conducted by Etchells’ associates in Athens –the director and dramatist Georgia Mavragani and the educator and translator Phaedra Tsalababouni), Etchells creates interventions in the city trying to give an insight into the wishes of people usually held outside the public discussion.

Director's note
Approaching the interviews done in Athens for this project I was gripped by the energy, optimism and desire for change the participants expressed with such clarity. At same time I was drawn in by the directness of their wishes, and the immediacy and depth of the problems and questions they faced. In selecting fragments for the posters I've tried to choose a range of ideas that articulate these problems, questions and desires, and which, more broadly, float powerful ideas, images and micro-stories into public space. I'm interested in the question of how we are, and how we can be, together in a city like Athens, at this particular time, gripped as it is by the experiences of austerity and the ongoing influx of refugees  and as it continues in the political no-mans land of life in the shadow of the Troika. What comes out of these posters I hope is a set of propositions and dreams, confrontational shards and echoes, mini-poems that speak into the street in a dynamic and questioning way. –Tim Etchells


Concept: Tim Etchells
Curated by: Katia Arfara
Interviews in Athens: Georgia Mavragani, Phaedra Tsalababouni

We would like to thank all the organizations, forums, groups and individuals who collaborated on this project, without whose support it would have been impossible to find and interview Athenian residents who are originally from the following countries: Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Cameroun, Kenya, Poland, Albania, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Syria, Russia, Iraq and the Ukraine. We would also like to thank the teachers and parents of all the underage interviewees. In particular we would like to thank: Achment Moavia, President of the Greek Forum of Migrants; Anastasia Georgiou- Special advisor at the Greek Forum of Migrants; Nikodimos Maina from Asante NGO; the headmistress of 99th Primary school Ag. Panteleimon, Lina Zimianiti as well as the 6th grade class teacher, Niki Kammenaki; the educator Dora Kiriakidou; and the lawyer Ioanna Kourtovik.

The interviews for this project were done in Greek, English and French.

And For The Rest (Athens) was commissioned and produced by Fast Forward Festival 3.

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Monday 16 May | 21:00 | OCC
Tim Etchells talks about his work with language, art and performance focusing on the posters project And For The Rest (Athens).

16 May 2016

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