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FFF | Lecture by Tim Etchells

Fast Forward Festival 3

16 MAY 2016
Main Stage
Artist Tim Etchells talks about his work with language, art and performance focusing on the posters project "And For The Rest (Athens)".
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Tim Etchells about the project And For The Rest (Athens):

"Approaching the interviews done in Athens for this project I was gripped by the energy, optimism and desire for change the participants expressed with such clarity. At same time I was drawn in by the directness of their wishes, and the immediacy and depth of the problems and questions they faced. In selecting fragments for the posters I've tried to choose a range of ideas that articulate these problems, questions and desires, and which, more broadly, float powerful ideas, images and micro-stories into public space. I'm interested in the question of how we are, and how we can be, together in a city like Athens, at this particular time, gripped as it is by the experiences of austerity and the ongoing influx of refugees  and as it continues in the political no-mans land of life in the shadow of the Troika. What comes out of these posters I hope is a set of propositions and dreams, confrontational shards and echoes, mini-poems that speak into the street in a dynamic and questioning way."

Tim Etchells is an artist and a writer based in the UK. He has worked in a wide variety of contexts, notably as leader of the world-renowned performance group Forced Entertainment and in collaboration with a range of visual artists, choreographers, and photographers. His work spans performance, video, photography, text projects, installation and fiction. He is currently Professor of Performance & Writing at Lancaster University.

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16 - 29 May 2016

Outside the Onassis Stegi


FFF | And For The Rest (Athens) Tim Etchells

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