‘Cavafy Goes to School’: Presentation of students' works on Tuesday, 28 June / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

‘Cavafy Goes to School’: Presentation of students' works on Tuesday, 28 June

28 Jun 2016
Cavafy went to school and the students turned him into an exhibition on Monday 28 June at 12:30. The event is addressed to teachers, educators and journalists.
Cavafy went to school: students and artists turned his work into comics, digital works, installations, and hip-hop songs.

The Cafavy Archive and the Onassis Cultural Centre (OCC) of the Onassis Foundation went to school for yet another year with an especially designed educational programme on the Alexandrian poet. Speaking the language of students, they brought Cavafy’s poetry into their classroom in the most experiential way.
Comics, digital works, hip-hop songs, photographs, performance, and visual installations will be presented on 28 June at 12:30 at the second floor of the Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens.

After eight three-hour meetings in six public schools of Attica and through six original workshops, the two organizations approached the ‘sacred’ and perhaps difficult texts of the Alexandrian poet, using tools from the most ‘unpredictable’ arts. This creative and original reading enabled students to better understand and interpret Cavafy’s poems. The works produced underline the contemporary character of his poetry. In these programmes students worked with the following artists and writers: Maria Varela (visual artist), Mary Zygouri (performer), Katerina Eliopoulou (poet), Panayotis Ioannides (poet), Alexia Othonaiou (illustrator), Marilena Stafylidou (photographer), Maria Topali (poet), Thomas Tsalapatis (poet), Theodoros Chiotis (poet), Christos Chryssopoulos (writer), Jeff Gonzalez (music producer and hip-hop artist), and HO PE (visual artist).

The following programmes took place:

1. Reading Cavafy… digitally
Liberated from the narrow limits of the book, words are turned into videos or digital images. Taking Cavafy’s poetry as a source of inspiration, students from the 52nd Lyceum, Athens, used new technologies to create digital works, presenting verses in different environments.
Maria Varela (visual artist), Theodoros Chiotis (poet)

2. What if Cavafy were… comics?
Cavafy’s poems turn into the great illustrated classics! How would ‘Ithaca’ ‘translate’ into images? Cavafy’s verses came to life in the comics created by students of both the 2nd General Lyceum, Kaisariani and the Gymnasium of Korthi.
Panayotis Ioannides (poet), Alexia Othonaiou (comics artist)
3. A school full… of Cavafy
Using various mediums of art and techniques (such as collage and recitation, among others), students from the 15th Gymnasium, Athens and the Gymnasium of Gavrio, turned the school into an absolute Cavafian environment! Through a large-scale visual work and other experiential activities, the school attained… an Alexandrian atmosphere!
ΗΟ PE (visual artist), Christos Chryssopoulos (writer)
4. Cavafy’s verses in… a hip-hop song
How can the poem ‘Voices’ turn into song? The Onassis Cultural Centre and the Cavafy Archive invited and challenged students from the 2nd Gymnasium, Chalandri and the Gymnasium of Korthi to read Cavafy’s work in an entirely different way… in the rhythm of hip-hop music.
Jeff Gonzalez (music producer and hip-hop artist) and Katerina Eliopoulou (poet)

5. Cavafy’s work… through a camera lens
Cavafy: One poet, thousands of images. How can we depict the poem ‘The God abandons Anthony’? Students from 1st Gymnasium, Koropi, trace images of everyday life, which could in a sense allude to poems by Cavafy, immortalizing them in a photograph.
Marilena Stafylidou (photographer), Maria Topali (poet)

6. Cavafy... as performance
How can one experience Cavafy’s verses ‘A stranger, a total stranger’? In the 1st General Lyceum of Palaio Faliro the poet’s work came to life through various methods that promote self-expression and team building.
Mary Zygouri (visual artist), Thomas Tsalapatis (poet)

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