634 Minutes Inside a Volcano / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

634 Minutes Inside a Volcano

A musical site-specific project by the Onassis Cultural Centre and six d.o.g.s

18-19 AUG 2016
Outside the Onassis Stegi
How long does a night last? Fifteen musicians play music inside the crater of an active volcano for 634 minutes, only with the light of the August full moon.
Stefanos Crater, Volcano Valley, Nisyros  
Free admission
Fifteen charismatic, young Greek artists meet musically for the first time and improvise for 10 hours and 34 minutes. In this unprecedented experiment, fifteen musicians will take part at the heart of a unique natural landscape, at the base of an enormous volcano crater, 300 metres in diameter, in Nisyros, one of the most remote places in Greece. Together they will create a musical composition based on many hours of improvisation on site. The event will start at sunset, on Thursday, 18 August at 19:58. It will be completed 634 minutes later, at sunrise at 6:32, on Friday morning, 19 August. This is not just an original musical endeavour. It is also a test on stamina, and a literally unique life experience.

With the moon as the only source of light and without any previous rehearsal, fifteen artists will create a perfect shape:  a circle. They will enter this circle all together, playing music at the same time. However, they may go out of the circle and return to it, depending on each one’s stamina and reaction to this pagan work in progress, taking place around them. Spectators are the lucky ones, daring to become witnesses to this unusual soiree, orchestrated by the volcano itself.

The following artists take part, listed here in alphabetical order:
Jannis Anastasakis (electric guitar, live sampling), Orestis Benekas (synthesizers, loops), Stratos Bichakis (data sonification, modular synthesizer), Christos Chondropoulos (drums, percussion), Taxiarchis Georgoulis (oud), Tania Giannouli (piano), Dead Gum (electric guitar, electronics, vocals), Mihalis Kalkanis (double bass), KOSTADIS (modular electronics, DIY contact mic, ribbon devices, vocals), Sofia Labropoulou (kanun), Sébastien Marteau (wind instruments), Vasilis Ntokakis (electric guitar, synthesizers, electronics), Stavros Parginos (cello), Stelios Romaliadis (flute), Sofia Sarri (vocals)

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Co-production: Onassis Cultural Centre, six d.o.g.s

Stefanos Crater, Volcano Valley, Nisyros  
Opening: Thursday, 18 August | 19:58
Closing: Friday, 19 August I 6:32

Supoorted by: Municipality of Nisyros

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