Teenage Theatre Festival 2017

Teenage Theatre Festival 2017

Teenagers take the lead once again this year!

Festival | 7-9 APR 2017
Workshops | ΟCT 2016 - APR 2017
For Middle and High School Students
Teenagers’ thoughts and voices through new works by playwrights from Greece and abroad. The Teenage Theatre Festival strikes again—at the OCC!
Αddressed to:
Middle and High School Students

Festival | 7-9 APR 2017
Workshops | ΟCT 2016 - APR 2017

Reservation and more Info:
T: 213 017 8002
Email: education@sgt.gr


Organized and curated by: Grasshopper Youth - Sofia Vgenopoulou, Vaggelis Kyriakou, Katerina Skourli

Artistic Director of Theatre and Dance at the OCC: Katia Arfara

Head of the Educational Programme at the OCC: Myrto Lavda

Invited writers: Glykeria Basdeki, Vaggelis Kyriakou, Maria Topali, Thanasis Triaridis, Giannis Tsirbas

Invited directors: Konstantinos Aspiotis, Artemis Manou, Theano Metaxa, Dimitris Xanthopoulos, Marilena Rasidaki, Antigone Frida with "The 3rd Person Theatre Group", Nikos Chatzopoulos

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