"Moskov-Selim" by Georgios Vizyinos / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

"Moskov-Selim" by Georgios Vizyinos

Dimitris Xanthopoulos

10 ΝΟV 2016 - 7 APR 2017
For teenagers 14+ years old
"Moskov-Selim" talks about the need for acceptance, and the loneliness of one deemed ‘crazy’ by society.
With the late-eighteenth-century Russo-Turkish wars as a background, the last novel of Georgios Vizyinos tells the story of a Turkish soldier. Rejected by his father, he seeks recognition and justice in battlefields. A brave soldier wounded in battle, he is not given the medal that is deservedly his. Instead, it is awarded to a deserter. However, his faith is not shaken. When, after many years, he finds himself in Russia as a war prisoner, he is surprised by the humane behaviour of his enemies. He realizes then that his fanaticism and hatred were unjustified. His need for tenderness and justice is unexpectedly reciprocated by his eternal enemy. Upon his return home, he lives in isolation. He is relieved when he shares his story with a Greek soldier, who wants to listen to him.

Moskov-Selim talks about the need for acceptance, and the loneliness of one deemed ‘crazy’ by society. It is the story of the antihero encountered in the ‘glorious’ history of each country. The narration is shared by the productions’ actors; their bodies and voices become one, bringing this wonderful text to life. A deeply anti-war piece with an intricate depiction and analysis of the hero’s psychological world, it deals with the anguish linked to matters of identity and with the continuous defeats, exemplifying the wealth and complexity of the Greek language.


Direction: Dimitris Xanthopoulos
Sets & Costumes: Eleni Manolopoulou
Movement: Hara Kotsali
Lighting: Tasos Paleoroutas
Music: Alexis Kalofolias
Assistant to the Director: Mando Giannikou
Costume Design Assistant / Assistant to the Set Designer: Daphne Papaioannou
Set building: Persephoni Nikolakopoulou, Nina Ioannidou (FLERIA)
Philological consultant / Script consultant: Ioannis-Iolaos Maniatis
Actors: Nikolitsa Drizi, Angeliki Papathemeli, Kostas Sevdalis, Giorgos Frintzilas
Production: Onassis Cultural Centre

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