A visual artist resident in Greece visits CERN for a 1 month residency called "Accelerate@CERN", supported by the OCC / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

A visual artist resident in Greece visits CERN for a 1 month residency called "Accelerate@CERN", supported by the OCC

30 Oct 2013
A visual artist resident in Greece at CERN
Art meets science

A  visual artist resident in Greece is to visit CERN with the support of the OCC: Accelerate@CERN
A visual artist who lives and works in Greece is to travel to Switzerland with OCC support to spend a month at CERN, the home of the Large Hadron Collider and a uniquely inspirational space for artists seeking to combine art with science and technology.
The OCC is committed to forging links with institutions that can promote Greek artists both within and beyond Greece and to building bridges between artists and artistic or scientific bodies. This year, the OCC is collaborating with CERN, the world’s largest particle physics research centre, on setting up a new artistic residency: Accelerate@CERN at the Organization’s headquarters on the outskirts of Geneva.
Accelerate@CERN is aimed at artists who have never before spent time as a guest in a scientific laboratory. The participating artist will be selected via an open competition and receive a financial contribution of 12,200 Swiss Francs. The Accelerate@CERN residency will provide the artist with an opportunity to engage with distinguished scientists and gain insights into the experiments being conducted at CERN. The winning artist will also have a chance to work in the Centre itself, to talk to the people who work there, and to let his/her own worldview collide with theirs, bringing art and science—activities both that dare delve beyond appearances—into a constructive and unpredictable dialogue.
A parallel competition is being staged in Switzerland, where Pro Helvetia (the State Arts Council) is funding the Accelerate@CERN programme for Swiss artists who work with interactive Internet art.
What is Accelerate@CERN?
Accelerate@CERN is the sister programme of Collide@CERN, a highly successful artistic residency programme. Both fall under Arts@CERN, the artistic workshop programme designed in 2011 to strengthen the links between science, the arts and technology. Arts@CERN forms part of the CERN cultural policy for engaging with the arts, which was drawn up in August 2010 and led to the creation of the Collide@CERN Artist Residency Programme.
The Greek Accelerate@CERN is coordinated by Arts@CERN and funded in its entirety by the Onassis Cultural Centre.
The deadline for applications is 31 January 2014. Read here the instructions for the application.