Educational trips and activities at an exhibition from the future

MAY 2017 - JUL 2017
For children aged 9 to 18
What will everyday life be like in the cities of the future? Will the coffee percolator be able to talk to the fridge? Will cars have really got round to flying? What changes can we expect our ever "smarter" appliances to bring with them? What is the "Internet of things"?
Cost: 3 € per student
The OCC’s Tomorrows exhibition at the Diplareio School in downtown Athens will transport us to the cities of the future. Artists, designers and architects present their work and pose questions: Can the increasing use of technology change our urban and natural environment, and if so, how? Different takes on the cities of the near future in an exhibition environment featuring audiovisual installations, architectural mock-ups and model artefacts. You are invited to attend the educational programmes for schools which will be held in parallel with the exhibition.

The works in the exhibition share an element of hyperbole which reveals the designers’ desire to challenge our perceptions of the role objects play in our everyday lives.

This tendency, labelled "critical design", will be used to develop the students’ thinking and raise their awareness of issues relating to technology and the natural environment. Having taken in the works of the contributing artists, the students will be asked to devise their own artefacts and talk about the changes they’d like to see and the experiences they’d like to have in the cities of the tomorrow.


Nikos Vogiatzis: Media designer and visual artist

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For children aged 9 to 18

Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from mid-May until the end of July 2017

10:00 - 12:00

3 € per student

Diplareios School (Theatrou sq 3, Athens centre)

The programme includes different activities for students of different ages. Educational trips can also be arranged in association with university faculties.

Reservation and more Info:
T: 213 017 8002


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